This Apple 16 GB iPhone offers an extended talk time of about 5 hours. This offers ample usability for watching videos, listening to music or for basic phone usage. The phone has just one button and the rest is to be managed by the virtual keypad on the touch screen. The display screen is about 3.5-inches and is one of the largest and the brightest ones. It has a 2-megapixel camera which takes quality images. The sound quality of the iPhone is retained from the popular iPod and the music experience is illuminated. The phone has Wi-Fi capabilities and a You Tube viewer which makes browsing the net and watching videos a piece of cake.

User Friendly Aspects

The design of the phone is highly appealing. The looks are killer and the style is mesmerizing. The phone has easy usable options for changing profiles and volume level. The phone is huge display and offers a virtual keyboard for messaging and e-mailing. The sleek phone can fit into pockets easily and not feel bulky.

The bright screen resolution makes viewing videos and photos a sheer pleasurable experience. The easy of operations is evident from its simple navigation s. The phone works on Mac operating system and functions fairly well.


The iPhone isn’t perfect like any other phone. It has some shortcomings when compared with other smartphones. A big letdown is the Bluetooth function limited only to its headset. One cannot transfer files to other phones or computer through Bluetooth. The camera cannot record video but this can be enabled by using third party software which is widely available. The phone has limited ring tones and you need to buy one from iTunes store if you want a different ring.

The iPhone, like the iPod cannot be detected as a storage device and needs iTunes software enabling any transfers. This can be a letdown when you want to transfer stuff from your iPhone to other computers. The speaker of the phone is disappointing but the earphones output is enticing. The virtual keyboard is stylish but the usability is questioned while travelling in a bus or a train. It becomes difficult to message when you lack the keypad, but with time one does get used to it.


Truly stylish this phone is sure to win hearts worldwide by it appeal and uniqueness. The sound reception of the phone is commendable. It does lack a few small but utility features but its scope of accepting third party software s is making it more acceptable. It a luxury offering and people with high internet usage will love to use it. It is definitely a device to flaunt in style.


Once you get used to this Apple 16GB Iphone you won’t feel like switching but if you don’t get the hang of it you might not find it appealing. Either ways it is a smart design or a unique preposition which does make a bold statement.