The latest Apple iPhone 16 GB is a mobile phone with multi-functional features. The users can enjoy its various features and functions on their fingertips. The handset is enriched with some of the best capabilities such as large storage capacity, a digital camera, a brilliant music player and a video player. The multiple connectivity options allow the users to share and transfer the data files with others. As is evident from the name, it comes with a massive storage capacity of 16 GB. This massive memory can be used for storing phonebook entries, images, music tracks and a lot more. Moreover, with its advanced telephony features, it tends to meet the needs of ‘tech-savvy’ users in more ways than one.

The scintillating wide display and innovative multi-touch interface makes the Apple iPhone 16 GB a stylish device. Like other high-end phones, this handset also performs all the advanced functions very comfortably. The mid-sized casing of the handset is another important fact that allures the users to it. With a dimension of 115 mm in height, 61 mm in width, and 11.6 mm thickness, the owner of the phone can easily manage it with a single hand. The handset weighs 135 grams, which is well-suited for any 3G enabled devices.

The Apple iPhone 16 GB is incorporated with a 2 megapixel camera. This digitally advanced camera provides a platform to expose off hidden photography talent of the owner. The camera and video features are helpful in capturing and recording all lively experiences, which you might have missed out earlier. The advanced photo management application provides perfect images on each and every click. The owners of handsets can play video footages on its wide screen. The display is 3.5 inches in size with advanced multi-touch controls. As a matter of fact, these controls facilitate all the operations of the phone with ease and comfort.

An integrated music player and video player feature can be used by the users for experiencing new multimedia experience. The multiple connectivity options meet the high-end requirements of data and file transfers. The Apple iPhone 3GS is backed with the quad-band GSM network which promotes effective wireless communication with other devices.