The "Droid" is actually a phone that has a software platform called Android which is so designed and flexible enough to do many high technology activities on the phone. It can do web services, provide entertainment, do e-mail and social networking services. It is an overall operating system that a mobile phone can have. Regardless of any phone brand, the Android phone is one gadget that is an effective communication tool in the truest sense of the word.

Unlike other platforms, the Android phone offers more excitement due to its continued improvements on its innovations and features. Its developers have a lot of boundless access to the platform thereby creating an opportunity to expand applications that you may have not really thought of becoming a reality. This means most users would be able to choose and experience phone applications to improve texting and messaging, e-mail, web-surfing, music and calling functions of the phone. You can just imagine your digital life is dependent on an Android phone, and rightly so because it is so designed to take such responsibility.

The first Android phone manufactured by a major company is the Motorola Droid phone. This is a smart Droid phone that is fully equipped with good features such as GPS navigation, touch-sensitive home screen, a keyboard slider, media player, a camera with auto focus and video recording capabilities and a lot more impressive features that can really make you want to have one. It is now presently being marketed all over America and sales response has been positive.