One of the biggest reasons for smartphones from Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola to do roaring business is thanks to the presence of the android applications in them. Apple’s iOS can only be rivaled by the powerful Android OS; whose presence is boosted by the amazing number of applications that are present in the Android market. Here are the top 15 Android Application that you must have on your own phone:

  1. Launcher Pro: This one is a more visually appealing launcher compared to the default Android launcher. You can also work this in the Landscape mode, which the default one does not.
  2. Advanced Task Killer: A lot of applications that are running on the background can eat up the RAM and decrease your phone’s performance, besides reducing battery life. With Advanced Task Killer installed, it can find out the applications that are running needlessly in the background and close the ones that you do not need.
  3. Astro File Manager; This is the best file manager in the Android OS, you can easily open ZIP and RAR files without any need for a plug-in. You can also backup and restore applications.
  4. Swype: Swype is the best keyboard for any Android phone user. You just have to swipe your hand across the letters of the word and the Swype algorithm does the rest.
  5. Wavesecure: With Wavesecure, you can dispel the fear of losing your costly Android phone. It is the most reliable security application for your phone; it locks the phone and wipes all data when there is a theft. It even helps you track down the location where you lost the phone and allows you to back up your contacts and text messages.
  6. Fring: Fring, the most reputed centralized IM platform where you can chat with your friends and colleagues from Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN and other AIMs at one place. You can also see your phone book contact side-by-side with IM contact. What’s more, you can also do video calling to other Fring users.
  7. Opera Mini: You can benefit from high browsing speed, faster loading of pages, bookmark synchronization and easy page compression with the best mobile browser, the Opera Mini.
  8. Google Earth: This application needs no introduction, you can zero into any location in the world, view fantastic aerial shots and 3D visuals of some of the most interesting sights in the world.
  9. CashBook: This helps you track your expenses on a weekly and monthly basis. One of the most underrated applications.
  10. Rockplayer: Rockplayer, a relatively new entrant in the Android Market supports a lot of video codes including DivX, Xvid, MKV and RMVB. Now you can watch any of the videos because Rockplayer supports most popular codecs.
  11. Endomondo: As a popular sports tracking application, this one which is also present for Symbian does a very good job in Android as well. Apart from the usual walking, running, cycling etc, it also supports snowboarding and skating. You can also track your workout online through this application.
  12. Google Goggles: This is Google’s visual search, which makes use of the camera in your handset. Simply take a picture of a product or text to get pertinent search results.
  13. Dial Zero: Dial Zero is an application that keeps track of more than 600 companies customer service number with detailed directions to reach them.
  14. Documents to Go: With this powerful application, you can view and edit pdf,.doc, xls and ppt documents on your phone itself.
  15. World News: World News gives you access to some of the best news sites in the world; you can search for newspaper through country as well. There is also an RSS feature in this application.