Using Reverse Phone Listings to track a caller

Number but No Name? Use Reverse Phone Listings

Let’s say you miss an incoming call. The message is garbled, but the number shows on your Caller Id screen. You’re not sure who made the call and you want to know whom it was to determine if you want to return the call. What you need is to find a reverse phone listings.

Is there a way to do this? And, can it be done for free?

There are several web sites where you can find this basic information. Enter “Reverse Phone Listings” into your favorite search engine and you’ll have several sites returned to you.

Once you’re on a site, you will generally have several choices. If you have a phone number and area code, you can enter that to find the name and address associated with it. Unless you are using a site that specifically works with cell phone numbers, you will most likely get one of three responses.

The first one is basically information that the number is assigned to a cell or mobile phone out of a specific town. The second response is one that indicates the name and address associated with the telephone number. The third response is that there is either no information available or that the number is an unpublished number. While you can often find information about a toll free number, but information on fax numbers is generally not available. Searching for this basic information is available without charge.

These sites all use publicly available data bases. What you will find is that you will be offered “memberships” to access other information. For example, depending on the website, you can, for a fee, find out almost anything about an individual that would be recorded as a public record. This would include financial information such as a bankruptcy or a lien or public records of birth, marriage or death. Also available are police records and records of sex offenders. Again, these records are only available for a fee.

If you are considering using a reverse phone listing web site, you might want to find several sites to check out and try doing a reverse search either on yourself or using someone’s number where you know what the results should be. Web sites do not use the same data bases and may offer different free services. Depending upon what type of information you are seeking, you may have to try several sites to obtain the desired information.

These web sites generally guarantee that any search you do will be confidential and legal.

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