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Traveling means seeking for fun and relaxation. And it can be best achieve by riding a first-class cruise line whose primary services about bringing fun to its customers. Ride The Fun Ship with an atmosphere of all-day fun and party.

Carnival Cruise Lines define the word fun. They are built to cater fun and excitement among younger passengers. Their pride is about creating memorable vacations for the guests and offering a wide array of quality cruises that present outstanding value for the money. This is the home for many entertainers and other cruise ship jobs that can give every passengers the delight that they wanted.

Brief History

CCL has a large number of cruise ships that travels to different parts of the world. The founder is Ted Arison, who started everything in 1972, with just one ship bought for only $1. Carnival was on its worst but Ted came up with a good idea of combining fun and travel. In 1989 its first acquisition was made with the premium operator Holland America Line (this included Windstar Cruises and Holland America Tours) and its second in 1992, of the operator Seabourn Cruise Line. Following this acquisition is the changing of the name from Carnival Cruise Line to Carnival Corporation. Carnival Corporation and P&O Princess Cruises plc. merged on 17 April 2003 creating one of the world’s largest leisure travel companies: at the time P&O Princess Cruises was renamed Carnival plc.

Ships, Capacity, Destinations and Services

Carnival cruise line is one of the world’s richest. Their specialty is to create shorter and less expensive ships. The ships are known for their Las Vegas-style decorations and entertainment. They are called “The Fun Ships” obviously because they provide fun to passengers. With the wide range of activities on board, people will surely find their stay worthwhile. The cruise line is focused more on fun services, wanting to make every people’s travel like a carnival visit wherein spectators came mainly for enjoyment. Carnival ships are recognized through a funnel with the colors of the American Flag. They’ve got a mascot named “Fun Ship Freddy”, a character in the shape of the ship’s distinctive funnel.

Since 1972, Carnival Cruise Line has produced about 24 ships, with two more under construction. They have names with the word Carnival on it. Ships travel along the coasts of North and South America, Europe and other 60 countries all over the world finding the bests destinations. Travel starts on close-to-home ports found on the cities of Florida.

If you are undecided where to go, you can choose their tour called “Cruise to Nowhere”. A couple of days exploring the sea will make you witness the best of the world. Cruises to nowhere is a fantastic opportunity to taste the superb of services that includes delicious dining options, luxurious spas, exciting entertainment like the seaside theater and shopping friendly-casinos. There are no other cruise line that will bring you nowhere this fun and exciting.

Each day that you will wake up in a Carnival Cruise ship is another day of fun. Party with over 3,500 people along with the crews and staffs. Everyone in the ship will make sure that you will go back home with a smile. Look for a vacation packed with good times and laughter. So come and enjoy that Carnival difference on the The Fun Ship, experience a tour draped with amusement and joy. Ride a cruise ship where fun comes in waves.


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