5 Tips for Designers to Speed up Mobile Websites

Slow-loading websites are not liked by the customers. Even if the content on the website is engaging, the visitor won’t stay because of increased loading time. Web designers need to take care of certain things to make a website load quicker. You should opt for experts like the BANG web design in Phoenix to make your website load quicker.

Following are some tips for web designers to speed up mobile websites

  1. Eliminate On-page Ads:

One of the best ways to increase the speed of your website is to eliminate on-page ads. The advertisements are placed on the website through a third party. When the third-party servers are slow, the loading time of the website increases, which makes it slow. A lot of people use ad-blocking software not to see those ads because it bothers them. So, there is no use of them; that’s why eliminating them for mobile sites is the best option.

  1. Remove Pop-ups:

Google allows putting pop-ups in many situations on mobile websites. But if you are using WordPress or any other CMS, you would need to utilize a plugin to create these pop-ups. It will make your website load slower. The difference wouldn’t be much, but it can make a very noticeable change. Pop-ups are also really annoying for mobile web users, and they avoid seeing them. Try to remove the pop-ups and put your important information on the web page.

  1. Convert the Site into AMP:

Accelerated Mobile Pages, commonly known as AMP is launched to assist the developers of the websites in making their websites shorter to load them quickly on mobile devices. It is a web component framework, and you can take its help to develop a whole website or some parts of it. Once you incorporate this framework, your web pages load quickly. Images make a website slower, so through AMP, the layout of the website, such as ads, images, etc., load automatically, solving the issue.

  1. Host Your Fonts From a CDN

Custom web fonts are not a good choice when your talk about the speed of the website. They tend to make the website load slower. The best way is to use fonts that are web-safe, and you would be able to eliminate the problems that come with fonts hosted externally. To use the fonts from Google, ensure that the font is hosted through a CDN. Another way to speed up the loading is to download a font provided by Google, upload it to your personal CDN and use that font.

  1. Avoid Lengthy Contact Forms

Your contact channels on a website shouldn’t be a burden on the website or the user. Be very careful about developing contact forms for the mobile site. A multi-page or lengthy form affects your website loading speed; you should only add what’s necessary. You can eliminate the font and add other things like FAQs, phone number, or email address to let visitors of the website contact you. It would lighten up the burden on your site.

More people prefer cell phones to surf the internet, so it’s important to optimize your website for mobile devices. These tips, if implemented effectively, can make your site load faster.

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