How New Technology Helps Architects

Architecture has begun to know no boundaries, making the impossible possible thanks to the new technologies available. With so many new innovations that allow us to take the industry to the next level, the capabilities of architects in London are limitless. Over more recent years, new technologies have shaped the higher standards that we see today and mean customers can create their dream properties with ease.

The evolution of 3D printing

As we know, 3D printers have started to become a normal across various different industries, allowing us to model concepts and build new equipment. For architecture, the ability to create models of new building propositions and visualize new structures allows designers and clients to create an informed plan that sees both parties working from the same page. With the help of 3D printers, architects are able to produce 3D visual aids in a relatively quick and inexpensive manner and the benefits that are seen of the back of this are vast.

Find potential through generative design

The revolution of generative design opens the door of opportunity when it comes to architecture. By being able to input size specifications, budget and materials available, the software produces a range of options which would be doable within the scope of the project. When presented with a range of possibilities which may not have been considered without the help of generative design, the customer can find their ideal solution and be confident that it is doable within their capabilities.

Visualize with augmented reality

Technological advancements have led to architectural software which can make everyday tasks simpler than ever and save valuable time which can be spent elsewhere. Architects can create digital visualizations of their proposed works, seeing 2D or 3D models to understand how the final project could look. From overlay building plans to marketing materials for new developments, showcasing their skills to clients, building managers and potential customers can put them one step above their competitors. In some cases, companies have combined augmented reality with virtual reality headsets so prospects can immerse themselves into a full vision of how the building could look in real life from all angles.

Get a 360° view with drones

Drones are a new addition to our society which have become a normalized piece of technology. Although they have seen negative publicity from illegal activity such as looking into people’s homes without consent, flying into private land and causing havoc when it comes to aircrafts, they can bring a lot of corporate benefits if used safely and responsibly. For architects in particular, a drone can be used to assess a site in thorough detail and create valuable 3D images for buyers who are creating a plan for their new project. As well as simply providing an insight into land and buildings from above, more advanced models are being created to combine the power of drones with robotic features. There has been discussion surrounding drones which are able to construct buildings, carrying materials and structures into place to speed up the construction process.

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