Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting a Sat Phone

Many companies and individuals are now relying on sat phones to get work done and stay in touch. You’ve probably been in a situation before where you lose all your cell bars and can no longer make calls or otherwise communicate with your traditional cellphone. With the sat phone plan, you can still access phone services even if you’re out of the range of a cell tower.

Sat phones don’t rely on cellular towers. Instead, they communicate directly with satellites in space. Running landlines and setting up cell towers in remote areas, such as the Australian outback or the American west, is often prohibitively expensive. It’s typically easier to provide connectivity in these areas through a satellite.

If you’re in a remote area, you may need to call emergency services, contact family, and coordinate operations with your company or other individuals. No matter your needs, a sat phone will be there for you.

If you’re going to tap into satellite service, however, you need a satellite phone and a sat service plan. Once you have the right phone and the appropriate plan, you can link up directly with the satellites. You’ll have access to the satellite wherever there’s a direct line of sight between you and the satellite.

Individual satellites can provide service over a wide area. This makes them ideal for providing connectivity in remote areas or regions with rough terrains, such as mountains.

If you’re going to be in a remote area only temporarily, you can rent satellite phones for a few days or weeks. This way, you don’t have to invest in a sat phone. If you spend a lot of time in remote areas, you may want to purchase your own phone. Then, you can set up a sat phone plan.

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