The Biggest Innovations in Business Communication Technology

Technology has been transforming the way in which businesses operate around the world. However, when most people think of the influence that technology has on business, they likely imagine the production of robots to use in product creation or even drone delivery services. Few people consider how influential technology can be in transforming business communications.

Communication can be hugely consequential; the quality of internal communications can even dictate the long term success and growth potential of a company. The technology listed below are just a few examples of the most influential innovations in business communication technology.

The Internet of Things

The term the Internet of Things, otherwise known more simply as IoT, describes the network of physical objects that are connected with the purpose of exchanging data over the internet. This innovation is transforming the business environment, as business owners are better able to manage equipment from any location.

This technology is hugely influential for a number of reasons; firstly, it enables businesses to increase their access to data. Your running and production costs are reduced as you have access to information needed to increase efficiencies in production. Since this communication technology can be accessed from any location, remote working possibilities are increased.

Transcription Technology

Innovations in transcription technology have hugely increased the overall productivity of businesses that use such services. Namely, recent innovations mean that transcription technology is now a viable alternative to an in-person solution. This means that transcription prices are greatly reduced, as is the time that it takes to complete all required transcripts. Although this technology is still relatively young, businesses that deal with and process a large amount of paperwork are set to benefit from the innovations in transcription technology.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services are the on-demand delivery of computing services over the internet. This innovation has offered several business benefits; as companies are not required to purchase and maintain costly equipment, running costs are reduced. Cloud computing solutions increase productivity as staff are able to access the information they need from any location. Since businesses are no longer reliant on physical hardware, they are less vulnerable to breakdowns and the resulting downtime and data loss.

5G Mobile Internet

Fifth-generation mobile communication, or as it is more commonly known, 5G, can help to increase the speed and the ease of business communications. 5G mobile internet can transfer data at a rate of 100 Mbit/s in big cities. This means that it supports data-heavy communication, especially in regards to more demanding communication services like video calls. As businesses are set to continue with remote working models long term, this access to faster internet enables increased productivity and communication possibilities.

This list has shown that innovations in business communication technology can take many different forms. While some of the technologies listed have been designed specifically to enhance business communications, others serve a different purpose. Whether they were specifically created with the purpose of enhancing business communications or not, all of the innovations listed above are set to have a big influence on business communications.

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