Why the Success of Captives Depends Largely on the Claims Management Process?

Captive insurance companies are formed for a large number of reasons. These captive insurance companies reduce insurance costs significantly. Mostly, the owners form these companies because of certain primary goals that have certain control over their future in the business world. This issue is the most important in the claims management process. These are the most visible aspects and involve the most risk. In order to gain much control over the claims process, many corporations adopt the captive concept in greater parts. The claims management process is the primary area that allows noteworthy success as compared to an insured program. Claims professionals in a captive reduce the chances of typical conflicts of interests as compared with traditional insurance programs. By consulting with a successful captive insurance company, one can avail many cost-saving benefits through their efficient claims management process. Talisman Casualty claims management processes are designed to bring success to the customers.

Claims Management

There are multiple tasks for a successful claim management process. The first and foremost is the claims adjusting. Here, the event coverage policy, cost of compensation in a loss, and the insured’s liabilities are determined. This leads to the formation of an appropriate case reserve. The final financial effect of the claims on the captive is determined by these case reserves. The captive’s bottom line will be affected by both unallocated and allocated claims expenses. Hence, the claims must be resolved by taking appropriate loss adjustment measures. The claim must be resolved earlier; otherwise, it will become more costly. Timely reporting of excess losses is another important task in the claims management process. The claims manager plays a vital role here in advising the reinsurers by effectively identifying the excess cases early.

Cash flow management is another task that has gained keen importance recently. This involves paying bills with balance cash and investing cash for the captive’s benefit. This is effective claims fund management. Several escrow accounts can also be used to compare the available funding requirement with the actual claims payments.

Other Basic Services

Captive owners focus on controlling critical claims. For that, captives analyze and thoroughly review the recent status of all claims. They keep the claim data and observe the recent and relevant information 24/7. This helps them measure the compatibility with both the captive manager and the captive.

A contract is also formed that lists the objectives, goals, and expectations that should be met by the service provider. The service provider must deliver the outlines of the specific and measurable results by the contract. All of these factors are difficult to be measured at the earliest; however, they pave the way to move forward. The performance provisions must be incorporated for the compensation of the service provider. Before the captive is launched, all the agreements must be finalized.

To recapitulate it all, efficient claims handling will play a vital role in the captive’s success. Captive owners must have enough information about the right claims management procedures. They must be involved in the whole claims management process. If one can effectively control these claims functions, then many major advantages will flow to the captive. Therefore, an appropriate claims function must be established.

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