Three Essential Tech Skills Every Modern Worker Needs

Technology plays a critical role in our everyday lives, no matter the capacity. With its continued growth and development throughout the last few decades, there is no surprise some people might be feeling a little out of the loop with the new mod-cons that exist.

That being said, there is no better time than the present to take the time to update your tech skills. Whether you work in a job role that uses technology in various aspects, or merely implement it for one or two tasks, read on to discover the essential tech skills that every worker should have in this day and age.

  1. Spreadsheets

While this might be boring to some people, this is a practical skill to have that can be transferred between companies and sectors. Spreadsheets are used to present and manage data efficiently and can be maintained both individually and collaboratively.

Knowing how to do the more specific skills on excel can be challenging. We get it; we have been at square one ourselves! When working with data sets for instance, you’ll benefit from learning how to  split cells in Excel so that you don’t have to separate it manually if you have hundreds of data points in your list. Learning tricks like this will quickly turn you into an Excel wizard in no time!

  1. Presentations

PowerPoint and interactive presentations are used in various aspects of a business. From team meetings through to business pitches, they are a creative way of sending a message to other parties.

With that being said, there will be some people out there who might struggle to create the perfect presentation for the task at hand. Knowing what software or programmes to use is challenging enough, let alone working them.

Much like that of understanding Excel and related software, this will take practice. Not to mention, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to establishing what works best for you. What might work for one business is not sure to work for yours.

  1. Touch Typing

With more people working remotely in the last year, we have resorted to the technological world to keep things ticking over. While that is the case, it would have meant we had spent more time contributing to documents and projects and sending informative emails than ever before.

Being able to type fast and effectively would make a significant difference to this situation and beyond. Having the ability to touch type is one that makes an impression not only in the working world but beyond that as well.

Taking the time to attend an online course or simply practising off your own back is ideal for practising such a valuable tech skill. While it might be viewed as a more traditional skill to have, it is undoubtedly one that should be adopted in the modern world as well.

While these are a handful of the skills you should have as a modern worker, we hope this piece has shed some light on the types of things you should make a conscious effort to have.

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