Buying A Drone: Your Guide to the Drone Battery

If you think your car running out of gas is frustrating, imagine your drone plummeting to the earth because its battery failed.

A drone battery that doesn’t meet the specifications for your drone or that isn’t charged correctly can shorten the life of your drone and diminish performance.

Read on to learn more about which criteria apply to one of a new drone’s most critical components: the drone battery.

Buying a New Drone

When you buy a new drone, consider what application it will be used for. A first-time drone buyer who is a hobbyist has different needs than a professional surveyor or someone who uses a drone for deliveries.

Consider the drone seen at which features the DJI Air 2S.  Recent reviews indicate that the DJI Air 2S is a great consumer drone if you are a hobbyist interested in photography. You don’t have to be in the military or a professional surveyor to enjoy flying a drone.

The fun and excitement of buying and flying a new drone of your own can be contagious.

The key to keeping a new drone in the air is the right battery.

Choosing the Right Drone Battery

First, consider battery size.  A heavier battery may have more capacity. But if the weight of the battery is too high, flight time can be reduced, which is counterproductive.

A battery that is at an optimal weight while providing a higher voltage is ideal, because your drone motor will be supplied with more power.  Providing your drone motors with more power means more lift and longer flights.

Check the connector type of any battery you are considering. It’s possible to purchase a battery with connectors that are incompatible with your drone. Check your drone’s specification for details.

The discharge rate for a battery is a measure of how long it takes to expend a battery’s power. For example, a 1C rate means that a battery will discharge all of its power in an hour.

The takeaway is that you want a battery suited to your drone while providing the most flight time and lift.

Prolonging Battery Life

The key to maintaining a drone battery properly is first downloading and reading the manual.

Best practices for good battery maintenance include:

  • Don’t let a battery deteriorate from lack of use
  • Don’t let a battery drop below 40% of a full charge
  • Every few months, discharge your battery to 15% and then fully charge
  • Don’t charge or store your battery in a place that is too hot or cold

A properly maintained battery equals prolonged life and helps avoid drone repairs.

Time to Fly

The drone industry is booming, which means there are many products to choose from. Make sure you pick the right drone battery for your new drone and maintain it.

Buying a drone with a battery that is inherently flawed or difficult to maintain is a problem that can be remedied. Just apply what you’ve learned here.

Time to fly your new drone.

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