8 Useful Ways to Enhance Your Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds have been all the craze in recent years, with all of the main tech companies coming out with their own take. Instead of Bluetooth headsets, true wireless headphones are two individual earbuds that aren’t connected by any wires at all.

While they’re very portable and look great, they’re not the most practical. Plenty of people have lost earpods by dropping them, and some don’t have the best battery life.

Here are eight different ways to enhance your listening experience and make your wireless earbuds last.

Buy the Best Wireless Earbuds

The first and most important thing to do is buy the best earbuds for your needs. They don’t need to be the most expensive.

Not all earbuds are made the same shape, offer the same sound quality, or boast the same battery life. While Apple AirPods are some of the most well-known wireless earbuds on the market, they’re also over $150 new.

For half the price, you can get affordable headphones with comparable sound quality. They also come in different shapes and styles which you may prefer to Apple’s model.

If you can, try out your earbuds before you purchase them. Some brands pump up the bass for a punchier sound, but it can drown out the more subtle notes.

Change the Ear Tips

Every earbud, wired or wireless, comes with its own ear tips in a range of sizes. Generally speaking, you’re fine throwing those out and buying your own.

Most audiophiles agree that the generic earbuds your headphones come with aren’t going to be the best for everyone. Instead, you can go out and buy your own.

Ear tips come in a variety of materials, such as rubber, silicone, and foam.

Rubber ear tips are the most durable but also the least comfortable. You may also have a skin allergy to them.

Silicone won’t irritate your ear, but it may be uncomfortable to use long-term. They may also slip out of your ear if you’re running.

Foam ear tips are arguably the most comfortable since they conform to your ear canal. They provide the best sound isolation, but they can also get damaged and aren’t meant for long-term use.

Place Them in Your Ears Correctly

You might wonder how someone could wear earbuds wrong. After all, you’ve been wearing them your whole life. However, there are ways to improve both how they feel and how they perform by adjusting the fit.

Make sure the earbuds create a seal in your ear without putting too much pressure on it. Try out the different size tips that come with your earbuds to find out what size fits best. You may find certain types feel more comfortable than others.

If you’re having issues with fit, foam ear tips will mold themselves to match your ear canal. However, be prepared to replace them since they tend to wear out fast.

Twist Ties to Secure Them

One problem with newer wireless earbuds is that they’re made sleek and discreet. In turn, however, they also have a tendency to fall out of your ear since they don’t come with an ear strap or clip to prevent that.

Try using a twist tie to make your own ear hook, or buy one that’s been manufactured to work with your specific earbud model.

Adjust EQ Settings

Even though your wireless earbuds look and feel amazing, they may not give exactly the right sound you desire. Maybe the bass is too heavy, or there isn’t nearly enough bass.

A quick and easy fix lies in the EQ settings. EQ refers to equalizer settings that isolate certain frequencies to either enhance or diminish their presence.

Make the instruments pop or give the vocals more support. Depending on the device, you could also turn any song into a surround sound experience.

Install the Appropriate Apps

Usually, more expensive earbuds come with associated apps created by the brand. On these apps, you can monitor battery life and adjust EQ settings.

Some of them also let you enhance your sound quality through custom settings. Always take the time to explore what exactly these apps can do to improve your listening experience.

The right apps can also detect issues in your earbuds which can help with getting replacements or repairs.

Keep Them Clean

Even though people with wireless earbuds tend to use them on a daily basis, not many actually take the time to keep them clean.

Your ear tips are constantly exposed to your hands and pockets, which are then transferred into your ear canals. Then your earbuds can get ear wax all over them, which builds up over time. Eventually, your sound quality suffers and you don’t know why.

Additionally, ear wax inside your ear canal can muffle sound and ruin your listening experience. The best thing you can do for your expensive earpods is to keep your ears clean at all times.

Improve Battery Life

The price and quality of your earbuds don’t matter if you’ve let the battery life go down the drain. Extending the battery of wireless earbuds is as simple as taking care of it and keeping track of any changes.

Always make sure to turn the device off when you’re not using them to improve the battery life AirPods boast. Most types come with auto-off functions that activate when you put them back in their charging case. If you leave them out, they’ll just keep running until they die.

Wireless earbuds battery life will also suffer if you forget to recharge the case.

Getting the Most Out of Your Earbuds

Wearing wireless earbuds has quickly become the norm as smartphone brands continue to remove headphone jacks from their builds. They’re portable, don’t have wires that get tangled easily, and can be very stylish.

Once you find the right pair, you need to make sure you take good care of them so they’ll last a long time. Keep them clean, check your sound settings, and enjoy the music.

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