How to Manage Ideas – Best Salesforce Ideas Management app

Every company has employees generating genius business ideas. But it’s far more difficult to implement them than it seems. It requires an ideas management system for setting priorities and choosing the best one – the one that will have a positive impact on the company’s other activities. The implementation methods may also significantly vary. All you need to share your ideas with others, is to use special platforms. With salesforce app ideas being one of them.

The best platform to share ideas

By using a relevant service, you can simplify the task of presenting and implementing new ideas. To ensure that the idea will be accepted, you should post it using the Experience cloud. As a motivation for the users to participate in the voting, write comments, and interact with the app, they are awarded special points that affect their reputation in the system.

This system offers a lot of advantages that make it possible to create and manage new ideas easily.

Content quality control

Many users’ posts may contain inappropriate content. Including the use of:

  • obscene language;
  • insults;
  • negative attitude to any religion, and so on.

To prevent posting such ideas, you can enable a lockup system in the program. By specifying a list of inappropriate words will make it possible to automatically prevent such posts from being published. Moreover, the platform to share ideas users can help to detect unacceptable messages – they just need to mark the post, after which it will be checked and deleted by a moderator.

Field configuration

To make an idea look unique, you should configure correctly. The system offers various fields that will help you with this. You should choose relevant elements that will make your content look more attractive to readers.

Filters and search

By using salesforce ideas app, you can not only post, but find similar ideas in the salesforce community as well. If a user wants to be sure that such ideas haven’t been implemented yet, he or she should use the filtering system to find them on the platform. All you need to do is to choose a category from the suggested or specify the search keywords.

Response to ideas

If your employees offer innovations to you, you can respond to them. The platform offers several templates that you can customize to suit your needs. When a new idea is published, you will be able to send a response automatically. Thus, each user will immediately know his colleagues’ decision and a direction of further activities.

Not only your employees, but your partners as well can post new ideas. This will help them to achieve the maximum possible result of their business development and attract new customers. Each service member will be able to view and vote for the best suggestion, with further consideration of the best options for future activities.

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