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Ever since it was introduced in 2015 as a music streaming service, many Apple and music fans have enjoyed using Apple Music to listen to their favorite tunes. As of 2020, 60 million people use an Apple Music subscription.

It makes it easy to listen to music on Apple devices. Yet many people have trouble deciding between giving Apple Music vs. Spotify a try.

So what are some features available in Apple Music? What are some advantages to using Apple Music?

If you want to know the pros and cons of Apple Music on Mac, then keep reading to learn more.

Pro: Easy to Discover Music

Are you getting tired of the same songs you have been listening to multiple times in a row? What about if you are looking for something new to listen to? The great news is there are 50 million songs available for anyone to listen to on Apple Music.

It does not matter which device you are on to listen to them. There are even features like the “For You” tab where you can get music recommendations that fit what you might like to hear. If you like a song you’ve heard while streaming, you can also download it to your library.

Other features you should check out on there include its 24 hours live radio station, Beats 1 Radio, and the ability to share a song with your friends with the “connect” button.

Given that it is part of iTunes and built into a Mac computer automatically, it makes it one of the best music players for Mac.

Con: Only Available on Select Devices

The nature of Apple Music being an Apple product is that you will be able to find and use Apple Music on all of their products. This includes Apple Music on an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac computers, and Apple TV. You can also listen to it on Apple’s web-player website.

While Apple devices are flexible, other non-Mac products are limited. You can listen to Apple Music on their Android app, Windows PCs, and smart speakers.

The one advantage to having it on these devices is that you can be logged on simultaneously.

Pro: Generous Free Trial Period

If you want to take the time to explore Apple Music’s features without being pressured to decide within just a week, then you have no worries. Apple Music lets you try it out for free for three months, which is very generous compared to other streaming services.

But after the free trial, how much does Apple Music cost? After that trial period is over, Apple’s student plan goes for $4.99 a month. The individual plan is $9.99 a month, and the family plan is $14.99 a month for up to six people.

There is a plan that can easily work for you.

Con: Tracks are Usually DRM Protected

On Apple Music, music is locked in a form of DRM called Apple FairPlay Protection, which makes it inconvenient to enjoy these songs. This means that you cannot listen to the songs you downloaded anymore if you cancel your subscription.

In more technical terms, Apple Music songs and albums are DRM encrypted with the M4P format. In case you do not know, M4P files are different than MP3 files as they can only be played on Apple devices and iTunes. This means any song with M4P cannot be played on portable devices without having Apple Music installed.

If you want to get around this predicament, there are sites out there that can help get rid of the DRM on the songs you want to play on an unsupported device.

Pro: “Connect” Lets Artists and Fans Connect

This feature is one that can bring you even closer to you feeling connected to your favorite artist or band. Connect, a tab available to view on the app, lets artists can share a feed of lyrics, music, photos, videos, and text posts with their fans. It is designed to make the bond between fan and artist stronger and develop the relationship.

Separately, when you click on songs to listen to them, you can also see the “behind the lyrics” and get a better idea of the meanings behind your favorite songs.

Con: Has Country and Region Restrictions on Some Music

Apple Music is available in 167 countries, but that doesn’t mean you can listen to every song if you live in one country.

In some countries, not everyone is able to download Apple Music to their devices. This is typically because of regional availability and digital right management. While this is inconvenient if you live in a country that Apple Music is not offered, you still can listen to most of these songs via iTunes without the need for an Apple Music subscription.

Before you download it, check that it is available to use in your area.

Consider Using Apple Music on Mac Computers

So is Apple Music worth it in the end? It certainly is!

Apple Music has garnered a lot of popularity thanks to its flexible pricing, ability to listen while signed on multiple devices, and a large catalog with music from all over the world. Using Apple Music on Mac is definitely a music streaming service you should consider using if you are not attracted to similar ones like Spotify or Pandora. Sign up and see for yourself.

We hope you enjoyed this article. To learn more about more developments in the tech world, check out our Reviews or Tech Tips section and read some of our posts.

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