16 SMS Marketing Tips for Boosting Sales

In their search for known methods of advertising, merchants often forget about SMS resale messages. But they don’t have to. This tool is considered a universal conclusion for large firms and small businesses alike. The Testelium testing team has prepared a short litany of SMS marketing ideas to increase the quality of cooperation with customers through texts.

Top 16 thoughts for text messaging

Almost all firms are turning to SMS marketing, investing a lot of money in consulting to find the perfect formula to promote their offerings. In the heat of all this hype, remember to take a free look at a number of uncomplicated thoughts that have all chances to freeze a brilliant conclusion for your business.

  1. Sales campaigns

Implementing text announcements with shortcodes for marketing campaigns is a great method to get more people interested in your brand. 99% of the results of studies demonstrate that the actual replacement of the messages is considered a very effective inventory to increase sales. Since 90% of recipients read their own message in just 3 minutes!

  1. SMS advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns with the introduction of SMS are very profitable.  Now, any advertiser symbol with different methods to force the public to seriously consider buying. There is no specific concept of the number of calls, but it is undeniable, that the triumph of the campaign depends on the all-encompassing arrangement.

For example, combine the power of SMS blast with e-mail marketing. By sending information via mobile texts and e-mail, you will be able to monitor the process of human interaction through different communication channels. The result will reveal the absolute type of performance and impact, and you can choose the best one to continue.

  1. Requests through SMS

The bulk of firms, these as Starbucks, allow customers to perform mobile payments with the support of applications. But there are also those who give users the chance to experience the outstanding qualities of mobile marketing including the placement of the order.

Indeed, in the case of a direct order to the buyer it is much easier to show the product code in the SMS than filling out long forms on the website. Messages are once again a method to facilitate this service to buyers.

  1. Discount Coupons

Creating discount coupons is a headache. All the more so for websites that offer their own customers promo codes with the likelihood of subsequent bonuses on offers and products.

Why force a person to sign up for a mailing list by e-mail, in order to get the desired discount? Why not offer it specifically through SMS? It will become cool to create with text messages. For example, arrange a gift card and send is a great method to update the customer database for future electrical messages, as well as for notifications.

  1. Gifts

If you want to send some present or greeting, and you don’t have to do it in person, you can still make surprises via SMS. A virtual gift card  is one of the most cheerful ideas for SMS campaign. With its support, the customer will perceive your care, no matter where he or she is located.

  1. Promote a fresh product

Suppose you launch a fresh line of merchandise and you need to announce it quickly. Global SMS messages are a great method to arrange it. Make your personalcontent for marketing nice, and you will get:

  • Speed
  • Scope
  • An exalted degree of disclosed rate.
  • Further action.
  • Personalization of communication, and not only that.

Depending on the types of marketing words you will than any other vary, rather try out A/B and get the final results of sales and business.

  1. Checking

Are your customers worried about data security and privacy? SMS verification will firmly protect against unauthorized penetration or leakage. The two-factor verification does not yet seem all the more pleasant, but it is something to which people will increasingly aspire in the future. It is not uncommon for firms to use SMS, voice, and missed calls as test phone number. This is an effective way to build a customer base with only 100% real, tested numbers.  Testelium mobile testing platform https://testelium.com/  invites you to run SMS  tests without leaving the familiar interface of your platform. Testelium connects directly to the SMPP server and you can schedule and send test messages from our user interface. Try it today!

  1. Warnings

Your customers will be able to receive electrical messages in the form of special SMS messages, if necessary. Thus, allowing users to receive their own notifications (which are still duplicated by email) in the form of an message, increases their awareness of a large number of processes.

  1. Reminders

A key failure that prevents medical organizations and all fee structures, which builds a personal schedule on the basis of registration on the way, to work effectively, is the failure of people assigned to the method. Reminders will be a good inventory to keep them serious and your company protected from the period and personnel mismanagement.

Time is money. As a consequence, effective marketing is the best method to save money: to carry out a long-term turnover associated with the buyers, so as not to be deprived of time for free, and effectively conceive a personal proletarian schedule.

  1. Shopper Assistance

Buyer assistance via SMS  is the future of marketing. This sounds unusual, because of the fact that in most cases for this are used telephone signals. In the U.S., for example, only 7% of firms use global messaging for sharp and high-quality help to buyers.

  1. Charitable sample surveys

Data processing with the support of SMS has the opportunity to soar, not a pretty good idea. However, it really is a good method to study the market in a short period of time. Almost all providers are now doing random surveys in this way, which does not necessarily require additional resources for registration and analysis of responses.

  1. Recruitment

Studies show that 90% of recruiting agencies are satisfied with the results they receive with the help of SMS notifications.

Unexpected phone calls from unknown numbers, which in most cases no one answers, remained in the past. The situation is absolutely changing, social networks and LinkedIn are positively influencing this process. At least among all the techniques is still the leading space SMS-mailing: “90% of recruiting firms say that SMS-mailing was the key to their success.

  1. HR

HR communication is more of an actionable message. SMS simplifies communication by making it more immediate and less formal. And the brevity of the message will be a plus for HR-consultant. Secondly, text messages in the past worked as automation of the process of formation and adjustment of orders.

  1. Tracking of products

For example, for brands like Amazon and Argos, as well as other delivery companies have become the norm to apply the standards of text explosion to track the process of delivery of the order. In most cases, this is done with the support of SMS. Thus, you can reduce costs due to a lost/misdelivered product.

  1. Airline and Hotel Check-In

From now on with the help of SMS, your customers will be able not only to check-in or reserve a room but also to request information on the details of the departure and arrival of the aircraft, using just the text message for the flight time and number. In exchange, they will receive the information they need about the flight, its delay or cancellation. The service will be useful for those, who are often located in the carriageway.

  1. Meaningful Information

The disadvantage of advanced communication on the Internet is the wealth of garbage. Unfortunately, SMS adherents were still involved. Because here it is also possible to receive unnecessary messages of an unusual nature. But for the most part, messages have retained their own reputation for accuracy.


In case you need to recognize more about the abilities of messages in advertising with text message support in your branch or commercial, the following information will give you a clue. There are lots of sparkling thoughts on how to effectively utilize SMS and textual content to launch your advertising campaigns and get positive outcomes for your firm. Try it today!

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