Tech Guides: Installing and Uninstalling Applications on Mac

So, someone just went to an Apple Store or Authorized Apple Reseller and purchased you a new (to you) Macbook. You’re thankful for the gift, but you’ve got no clue how you’re supposed to work with it. You’ve looked up tech guides to figure out how to complete the basic setup process. However, when it comes to installing and uninstalling apps, you’re clueless.

No worries! Our simple, step-by-step guides will take you through the process of installing a new application or deleting one that you no longer want to use.

How to Install Applications and Programs On Your Mac

There are many ways that you can install a new application or program on your Mac. The most common methods are installing an app through the App Store, downloading and installing it from the Internet, and installing a program from a disk. Our simple tech guides will show you the steps involved in each method of installing new software on your Mac.

Installing Software Through the App Store

Installing a piece of software through Apple’s App Store is by far the easiest method to expand the functions available on your computers. In order to do so successfully, you need to:

  • Select the App Store from the Launchpad (the logo shaped like a rocket)
  • Sign in to the App Store with your Apple ID (or create one, if you don’t already have one)
  • Click in the Search Bar to search for the specific application or type of app you want
  • Click on the app in the search results
  • Click the Get button
  • Click the Install button to confirm a free application, or the price button to confirm a paid one

After this, the app should begin downloading and installing automatically!

Installing Software You Downloaded Online

There’s no end to what your Mac technology can do with the right applications. Especially with the limitless options available to you online. To install a program you downloaded from the internet, you need to:

  • Check your Downloads folder for the program you downloaded
  • Click on the .dmg, .zip, or .pkg file to open the installation window
  • Double click on the application in the folder or drag it to the Applications folder to begin installing it
  • Once the installation is complete, you can delete the base .dmg, .zip, or .pkg file

When you download software online, just take care and use a reputable provider. Or else, you might need to install an antivirus to keep your computer safe.

Installing Software Through a Disk

Installing software through a disk is one of the easiest ways, aside from the App Store, to get new programs on your Mac. All you need to do is insert the disk into your disk drive and follow the onscreen instructions. Once that’s done, your new program will be installed and ready to use.

How to Uninstall Applications and Programs On Your Mac

Not every program that you install is one that you’ll want to keep. If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss when it comes to uninstalling unwanted programs on your Mac, these tech tips will help you learn the process step by step. There are three ways you can uninstall apps: through Launchpad, through the Trash, and through the Applications folder. Here’s what you need to do for each.

Uninstalling Apps Through Launchpad

To uninstall apps through the Launchpad, you need to press and hold your mouse on the app you wish to delete. Any apps that you can remove through Launchpad will then have an ‘X’ in the corner of their icons. Then, just click on the X in the corner of the app to remove it.

Once you’re done uninstalling apps in Launchpad, click a space on the screen that doesn’t have an application to finish the task.

Uninstalling Apps Through the Applications Folder

Uninstalling apps through the Applications folder is a bit more in-depth, but still relatively simple. First, search for the Applications folder using the Finder tool. Once you’ve entered the Applications folder, select all of the apps that you want to delete. (Click and drag your cursor if they’re close to one another, or hold CMD and click if they’re separated.)

Once you’ve selected the apps you want to be deleted, right-click and select “Move to Trash”. Afterwards, make sure to select Empty Trash so that the files won’t take up any unnecessary space.

Deleting Apps Through the Trash

You may also be able to take apps to the trash through the Launchpad. To see if this function is possible with a specific app, click and drag it from the Launchpad to the trash can icon on your Dock. If it can be deleted this way, it should disappear from the Launchpad. If not, it will remain, and you should try another method.

Can You Trust Third-Party Applications?

As we mentioned above, you need to take care when downloading, installing, and uninstalling third-party applications. Anything not available through the App Store runs the risk of exposing your Mac to viruses, even antivirus programs. However, most Macs aren’t vulnerable to common virus attacks, so you should be relatively safe even without taking such precautions.

If you decided to try the free antivirus Avast, and now feel like you no longer need it, you can learn how to get rid of it here:

Looking for More In-Depth Tech Guides?

As you can now see, getting new programs to work on your Mac computer is a relatively simple process. The step-by-step tech guides we’ve listed above should give you a basic idea of how to install and uninstall any new applications on your Mac. However, if you need more tech tips to understand your hardware or software, check out our blog every day for more in-depth guides like this one.

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