The 5 Best Ways to Optimize Mobile App Engagement

Is your application not getting enough engagement?

Nowadays, every website needs to have a mobile version, but why? Most people now browse the internet using their smartphones and tablets. This creates new demand for mobile application development.

When you have a mobile app, increasing your mobile app engagement will help you keep a customer. This will help increase your website traffic and stay on top of search engines. Creating an app also optimizes user experience and functionality.

However, if only a few people visit your website, how do you improve your app engagement? Increasing customer engagement is an important part of your marketing tactic. In this guide, we’ll be explaining the best ways to increase customer engagement with your app.

Read on to learn the five ways to increase mobile app engagement as well as get the analytics.

  1. Promote App Engagement

One of the ways to improve mobile app engagement is to make it easy to use. The more complicated steps an application has, the likely the user abandons using it. Reducing the steps to register or to use an application entices your target audience to use it.

Offering simple steps on how to use the app for beginners should help them through the process. However, when giving instructions, it’s best to keep it simple and not overwhelming. This helps the user to keep engaging with your app without overloading them.

Another way of promoting app engagement is by optimizing your application and website. With more users using their smartphones to visit the internet, it’s best to market your app. Making your app easy to view helps them navigate and increases the chances of using the app again.

  1. Connect to Your Social Media Account

People love to share their achievements and make their presence known online. This is possible with the help of social media platforms, such as Instagram. As a business, you can take this as leverage and use it to increase your visibility online.

Have the feature to connect your application to a social media platform. When a user can connect their Twitter or Facebook, they can use this to connect their account. Once connected, they can use this to share content and connect to your brand.

If you’re in the gaming industry, this will help you increase customer engagement as more people use the app. Users can share their achievements and improve their standing in online communities. For you, you can use this as a way to market your business and increase your mobile app engagement.

  1. Create Rewards and Incentive Programs

Users always appreciate rewards like discounts, cashback, and other forms of incentives. Offering incentive programs is one way you can improve your customer engagement. This will increase your number of users and create loyalty among your customers.

Mobile-specific rewards are how businesses make people keep on using their mobile app. Most of the rewards are only for users that have already registered in the app. These rewards are usable anytime and anywhere that you can redeem in an offline or online store.

When your business model includes these programs, take the chance to capitalize on it. Incentive programs are ways to offer users a product and make them feel connected to your brand. This will increase your mobile app engagement and increase customer loyalty.

You can also combine reward programs with connecting your mobile app to social media. You can use this to promote social media marketing as people will want to avail of your product. With the increase of your mobile app analytics, you can read more here if you want to know how you can get the results.

  1. Push for Notifications

Notifications are not only for improving app engagement but also recover inactive users. This helps the user remember the app, use it, and update the latest event. This increases customer engagement as you attempt to bring back previous users.

Although users can remove notifications, there are ways you can encourage users. Depending on your industry, inform them of what they may miss without notifications. You can mention rewards and events as incentivize for pushing out notifications.

If your user has accepted the notifications, it becomes easy for you to update them. It doesn’t end there, though, because when pushing notifications, you need not overdo it. When notifications become too much, it will look like spam to your users.

Modify your notifications and focus on important and relevant information. This will prevent spamming of notifications, so your user does not mute or delete the app. You should also maintain the frequency of users that agrees to user notifications.

  1. Improve Application Insight and Analytics

How do you know if you’re improving or failing to increase your customer engagement? You need to analyze the engagement data to build an effective engagement strategy. Mobile app analytics will help you get a better insight for increasing engagement.

Push notifications are one of the key metrics for getting application insight. This data or insights can give you what you need to measure real-time performance.

It tells you what specific parts that users usually interact with when using the app. What part of the app is not used, and what part will likely appear in the push notification. If users tend to avoid a certain notification, it’s best to remove or remove what shows up.

You can also invest in a third-party application that acts as a visitor tracker. This helps in understanding the micro-moments and what the data cannot cover. Some of these data, though, can go beyond user engagement and app growth strategy.

Optimize Your Mobile App Engagement Today!

Improving your mobile app engagement will help you understand your app needs. Always think of customer engagement instead of the number of downloads of your app. Doing this will help you keep your users engaging with your app today!

Do you want to know more about mobile app engagement? Check out our other article and learn more today! We have more guides with different topics related to marketing and technology.

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