Spice up your ghost hunting adventure with these gadgets

Are you planning a nocturnal investigation at a haunted property in your neighborhood? Or perhaps, you are aspiring to embark on a career as a professional paranormal investigator?

Ghost hunting is real, and it’s a thriving career path for the brave of heart and sharp of mind. Ghost hunters are armed to the teeth when they arrive at the haunted venue. They carry equipment to monitor the environment and record fluctuations, changes, and whatever unusual occurrences they encounter.

In most cases, realtors and sellers hire paranormal investigators to dispel stories and myths about paranormal activity and sell prime properties. Ghost hunters collect evidence by tracking the temperature, monitoring electromagnetic fields, and recording environmental changes. Seasoned investigators record fluctuations in static charge, barometric pressure, and even wind change.

Prevailing paranormal beliefs dictate that the presence of spirits and ghosts brings about energy shifts and atmospheric changes. Therefore, investigators closely monitor environmental conditions to detect drastic fluctuations, which are indicators of paranormal activity. They bring in full-spectrum cameras, live recording tools, and cutting-edge voice recorders to catch ghosts and apparitions.

Aside from deploying their psychic abilities, ghost-hunters also use laser grids, temperature readers, EMF meters, flashlights, and motion detectors. Keep reading to discover the must-have gadgets for your ghost hunting escapades.

EVP Detector

A powerful and sophisticated tool, an electronic voice phenomenon detector is a dynamic instrument. The seasoned experts at Spiritshack strongly advise beginners to invest in an EVP detector to record ghostly slurs and communications. Ghost hunters aim to gather credible and scientific evidence to substantiate their deductions about paranormal beings’ presence.

EVPs are digital voice recorders, and they pick up all audios and sounds that are often inaudible for human senses. In most cases, the noise emanating from walkie-talkies, smartphones, radios, and other gadgets interferes. So, most devices are just picking up radio transmissions, static and background noise. If you want to record whispers from the undead, you need an EVP detector.

Professional paranormal investigators combine the versatility of an EVP detector with white-noise generators. These fascinating gadgets generate a static sound by merging audio frequencies when used with an EVP detector. Put together, the white noise serves as a filter to clear out the background sounds and tune into spiritual conversations.

Digital Voice Recorders

If you can’t afford an EVP detector, don’t lose heart and get a digital voice recorder for now. Investigators typically leave digital voice records lying around in different rooms to pick up paranormal communications. Psychic Ghost hunters use these recorders to communicate with spirits and record these conversations.

Headlamps & Flashlights

Why is 3 am called the witching hour or the devil’s hour? This concept dates back to ancient folklore and observations about witches, ghosts, and demons. Popular beliefs dictate that supernatural activities typically occur late at night or during the early hours of dawn break. Interestingly, esoteric literature maintains that while monsters are at their weakest at 3 pm, they are strongest at 3 am.

It is crucial to invest in a rechargeable headlamp that offers output up to an intense 1000 lumens or more. You will also need a low-output red LED to improve your night-adjusted vision. Investigators typically use the red light during patrolling observations. While buying a large headlamp, be sure to examine the weight and portability to avoid exhaustion.

Cameras & Surveillance Gear

Ghost hunting is all about surveillance, interviewing witnesses, researching the property and surrounding area, and identifying paranormal “hot spots.” Investigators always aim to record demonic activity or ghostly presence with video evidence. They set up cameras and surveillance gear in all the rooms and spaces where sightings and hauntings typically occur.

Modern-day ghost hunters prefer portability instead of cameras that come with a jungle of wires and tripping hazards. Experts recommend investing in a cutting-edge indoor surveillance camera unit to set up cameras in multiple rooms. You can invest in cameras that support live-streaming and smartphone devices.

Today, ghost hunting surveillance gear comes with two-way communication features, full HD live streaming, and cloud storage options. It is also wise to invest in thermal cameras to record visual representation of temperature fluctuations. You know what they say, spirits tend to lurk in cold and damp spots!

Sound-Editing Software

As you may have guessed by now, paranormal investigators do a lot of sound recording. They accumulate a sizable chunk of recordings, which require filtering and editing. A sound-editing software is a vital investment to filter out all the background noises and analyze strange sounds.

Investigators amplify, speed up, and analyze all recordings to pick out shadowy electronic voice spectacles. Once the fuzzy noises get clear, you can be sure whether you’ve picked up any messages from the other side.

Temperature Measuring Tools

Last but most certainly not least, your ghost hunting arsenal is incomplete without temperature-measuring tools. Ghost hunters believe that spirits utilize energy to manifest themselves, and they suck this energy from the environment. So, when a ghost or demon appears, it results in a noticeable chill in the air.

Investigators pick up temperature recording cameras, infra-red tools, and other devices to record temperature fluctuations. It is wise to invest in a tool that allows you to monitor all spaces and objects’ temperature in gradient color. Red signifies hot, and blue indicates cold, making it considerably easier to identify active paranormal zones.

EMF Meter

Demon hunters closely monitor electromagnetic fields because spirits and paranormal activity brings about major obstructions in these fields. It would help if you had an EMF meter or detector to record sudden fluctuations and electromagnetic radiation increases. Investigators believe that demonic presence can bring about a sudden increase or change in electromagnetic radiation.

Your kit is incomplete without a dynamic EMF detector to measure and record electronic changes. Keep in mind that your sensor will also pick up electromagnetic readings from industrial and household appliances. You’ll have to exercise caution and common sense while evaluating them.


It might prove challenging to add all the must-haves to your paranormal hunting kit right away. It’s a gradual process, and it will take time. Your adventures will help you identify the tools you need and the most valuable equipment in the field. It’s wise to start with low-key gadgets and gain more experience before investing in sophisticated tools.

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