Protect your company data with these online security tips

These days we no longer have to worry about losing paper files and folders in the office or worry about the filing cabinet and it’s contents getting damaged. Thanks to advancements in technology we can rest assured knowing that our digital files and resources are based online and safe from accidents and fire and flood disasters.

However, just as business technology has evolved, so have the threats that come with it and one of the biggest issues facing businesses like yours is the threat of online hackers and cybercrime. It’s a worrying concept, especially when you consider that a large percentage of consumers wouldn’t be prepared to work with a company that has experienced an online security breach.

To help you keep your business integrity and your company data intact, read on for some simple yet effective online security tips.

Protect your digital assets

When we think about protecting our data from hackers and cybercriminals, it’s easy to solely focus on bank details and customer information. And while these are primary targets for cybercriminals, you should consider other aspects of your department that could be at risk. Primarily your digital assets. Digital assets such as all your marketing materials, analytics, client studies, sales and product resources, employee files and photographs, as well as product information, spreadsheets and data inputs. Losing these to a hacker could be catastrophic. Investing in software that works hard to organise and protect your digital assets is essential. can help you keep on top of your access and usage permissions and eliminate the risk of unapproved content being accessed and published without your consent. Click the link to find out more.

Encryption is your friend

The idea of losing all your company data or having your client’s personal information stolen is a nightmare. It can destroy everything you’ve worked towards and it can take months and even years to recover from. Ensuring that your systems are appropriately encrypted can help keep hackers at bay, keep your emails confidential and private and provide additional protection for the other security measures you have in place. Speak to the IT team for more information.

Don’t neglect your colleague’s data

It’s only natural to want to protect your customers’ data and anything sensitive to your work. However, in your anticipation to secure these vital elements, don’t make the mistake of neglecting HR data. Fully encrypted HR databases and employment software will keep those hackers at bay.

Keep your software updated

You can have the most intricate online security system in place, but that means very little if you don’t ensure it’s updated regularly. When you ignore those update prompts you’re literally inviting hackers to help themselves to private company data.

And finally, reach out to the experts

When it comes to online security, there’s a lot to unpack. However, speaking with experts in online security and regularly liaising with your IT department will ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to protecting the businesses’ assets.

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