Facts About Couplers

A coupler is essentially something that links one thing to another. This could be the linking of physical objects, electronic or digital signals. Unsurprisingly, couplers are found in a wide variety of applications. From those that direct radio frequencies, diversify icing, steer vehicles, facilitate plumbing components, and dispense beer, it is clear that couplers are an integral component of many everyday objects.


The use of radio frequency couplers, such as the rf directional coupler, is being expanded in response to the advancement of technology. Applications including 5G cellular, automotive radar, loT, and others need a solution to monitor and control radio frequency power levels that prevent losses in the transmission line and load. Other applications call for high power transmitter output but call for an indirect connection to sensitive instruments that could be damaged by the high signal levels.


The world of cake decorating would not be the coupler. Many decorators use icing bags to create their designs, and a two-part coupler allows for the use of different decorating tips with the same bag of icing. This allows for the creation of several designs with the same icing consistency and color.


Most modern vehicles have steering wheels but have you ever wondered how it is connected to the parts that physically change the vehicle direction. A steering coupler is made with a cylindrical rubber bushing that transfers the movement from the steering wheel to the steering components of the vehicle.


The field of plumbing makes heavy use of couplers. Plumbing consists of pipes or piping and considering all the twists and turns that need to be made in the typical plumbing system, there are many connections to be made. Plumbing couplers use brazed or soldered metals like copper and brass or welded steel.


Beer from a keg would not be the same without couplers. To pour a glass of beer there must be a key or coupler to engage the lock or valve on the keg. It does no good to have one without the other. The coupler also attaches to a CO2 compressed gas line that allows air to enter the keg and push out the beer.

It is amazing to think of all the ways couplers are integrated into daily life. Whether a person is using a cell phone, commuting to work, decorating a cake, utilizing any number of plumbing features, or partaking in a keg poured glass beer, couplers are there to link things together and help them run smoothly.

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