Fundamentals Of Quality Website Design

Website design plays an 80% role in attracting audiences. Therefore, it is essential for websites to have an eye-catchy design with easy to navigate functions. But these designs cannot be the same for every website. Depending on business needs, industry norms, and customer expectations the key features such as Typography, color, logo, navigation, and quality changes. Hence, it becomes a challenging job for web experts to keep things simple, attractive, and different from competitors.

If you are using a business website or planning to create a new, check out whether your website has these basic features.


“Content is the King”, therefore it is essential to add high-quality content on your website that can define your website’s purpose to visitors. So, check your website content properly and know whether it can help the users to navigate properly. This style of presenting content also matters. If you are using artsy or very minimal script fonts, the visitor will never stay on your website for a long time and it will boost the bounce rate. Another prime consideration is font color choice, make sure to not choose too bright or dull colors that are not visible on the screen.

Website Color

A good color choice is crucial for your online success. It is also called the most powerful tool to know the reaction from your targeted audience. Website color also helps in processing and storing images more efficiently and help boost brand recognition. Colors have also significance for telling a story to your audience.

Logo present business purpose

The logo is the identity of a business or brand. It helps in receiving a prompt reaction from visitors. In most cases, when the logos get popular people do not care for the company name. Customers just look at your logo and buy products and services. Professional web experts like David Taylor Design believe in  simple, and clean logo defining business purposes. Remember, logos can be matter and glossy look. Some choose matte look logos and others prefer glossy shades, but these are based on business purpose and targeted audience.


Navigation tools help the users to move through the side and get relevant information. Therefore, the best solution is to keep the website structure simple and add footers to your site. Adding a search bar on top helps the users to search for products or services by keywords. Include relevant and clear links on the page and check their landing page. Remember, do not add many navigation options on the page. This can confuse users and increase the spamming rate.


When you are in an online business, Website design quality is always important for your business growth. Because it defines your brand value to users. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to choose a high-quality website design that involves high-definition images and quality content. It helps the business to promote products and convenient for customers to buy products. Failure to achieve this can lose much more money, customer loyalty, and brand image.


Website designs have a pivotal role in representing the business in the online market. So, it is essential for businesses to check Typography, Website Color contrast, call to action, and site quality. The best combination of these helps your business to stand out from the crowd.

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