How to Download Files Safely From the Web

Surfing the web is a privilege that can unlock new doors and loads of information. You have to use the web responsibly, which also means to be safe when you’re downloading files.

This will help you to prevent viruses and other issues that can be damaging.

If you are interested in learning how to download files without wreaking havoc on your system, consider the tips below.

Know Exactly What You’re Downloading and Make Sure the Site is Secure

First and foremost, you need to consider the website that you’re downloading from. Assess what you know about it and whether it is trustworthy.

Downloading from only reputable and well-known sites is half the battle when you’d like to keep your systems safe.

Aside from what you already know about the site, make sure that it is secure. One way to do this is by making that it has an “HTTPS” protocol, which denotes that extra security measures have been taken.

Install a Firewall and Adjust Your Settings

Having a firewall in place will also help you to be mindful of whatever you are downloading. This firewall gives you the chance to allow or block any information that you’re taking in.

You can add certain websites to your trusted list or block them. Firewall settings can be tweaked however you need so that you’re able to get a better handle on your downloads. There are also a variety of download management tools that you can look into when you’d like to look after your system.

For instance, a download manager for Mac can help you keep tabs on the downloads in progress and can block them whenever you see fit.

Employ a Virus Scan Software

Virus scan software is a must-have for anyone that downloads files from the internet. You can have the virus software scan the file before you download it to let you know whether it is safe or not.

If the file looks suspicious according to the software, you can stop the download at once without bringing harm to your system. These scans can also alert you if a piece of spyware or not easily detectable malware is downloaded.

Hackers often spread nefarious software that is difficult to see otherwise. They might trick you into downloading a game or application, only to sneak a piece of malware onto your system.

See if Others Vouch for the Safety of the File

Community is everything — even on the web. Look into the comments section of the download page to see what others are saying about it.

With many sites, visitors will leave ratings and reviews of their experience downloading the file. This will let you know if the download is authentic and whether or not others had problems afterward.

Gauge these reviews and testimonials to make sure that you’re only downloading files that are trusted and vetted.

Regularly Backup Your Computer to Be on the Safe Side

When you make frequent backups of your computer system you will be better able to respond whenever something goes wrong. These pre-emptive measures will help you worry less about your internet activity.

For instance, if you use the Time Machine app to back up your Macbook every day or so, you can easily reset your settings to a prior date — before you encountered the malware that infected your computer.

This is particularly helpful if the download caused your entire system to crash. Keep some external hard drives handy and look into some cloud-based storage sources that will let you make as many backups as you need.

Make Sure That Standby Mode Doesn’t Ruin Your Download

Depending on what you are looking to download, you might need to keep tabs on it. For instance, your computer might be set up to go into sleep or standby mode, which could compromise the download.

If you know that you’re going to be downloading something for long periods of time or overnight, make certain that your settings allow you to keep downloading it without interruption. The last thing you’d want is to let your computer sit for hours, only to find that it hadn’t been making any progress.

Double-check on your download periodically to make sure that everything is fine with it.

Check the File Size to Make Sure You Have Enough Space

Always be fully aware of the file size to make sure that you have enough space. When you bite off more than you can chew, it can cause your system to crash.

Set aside enough space on your hard drive if you’re downloading large files.

Be Wary of Certain File Types

If you’re downloading a .exe file, you need to be particularly mindful of it and where it comes from. These files can install malware that threatens your system once you open it.

You should also steer clear of any files that appear gimmicky or part of an ad. This could be a source of spyware or other viruses that can threaten your system.

Get to Know the Price and Terms of the Software

Finally, make sure that you also understand all of the terms of the software that you are downloading. If it’s a trial software, you should be clear of the terms and the price that you will pay once the trial is up.

Read carefully through the terms to know what you’re agreeing to.

Learn How to Download Files Safely

These points will teach you how to download files safely and on your terms. Put these tips to use no matter what sort of computer system you have.

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