Write On! The Best Laptops for Writers on a Budget for 2020

When it comes to shopping for laptops, it’s important that you have an idea of what you intend to use the laptop for. If you’re a serious writer, then you shouldn’t simply pick up the first computer that you come across. Choosing the wrong laptop can lead to loss of productivity, discomfort, and frustration.

As a writer, your laptop will likely be your primary writing tool. So even if all you need is a functioning keyboard and Microsoft Word, the actual machine you buy still matters. The best laptops for writers on a budget are comfortable to use, accurate, and reliable.

When you type, you should be receiving tactile feedback and a satisfying bounce. In fact, as a writer, you’re going to want the best keyboard you can get your hands on. Otherwise, your wrists are going to start to cramp up on you after hours of typing.

You also want a computer with a good display. You should be able to see the screen when you’re outdoors and it shouldn’t strain your eyes when you’re inside, either.

Are you interested in learning more? Then keep on reading and we’ll take you through the best laptops to know about!

  1. Google Pixelbook Go

The Google Pixelbook Go isn’t the most powerful Google Chromebook available. In fact, that title goes to the regular Google Pixelbook. However, the Pixelbook Go is still the best Chromebook, despite it being less powerful.

With this computer, you get solid performance at a much more affordable price. It also has a lot going for it beyond its specifications.

For example, the battery can last for more than eleven hours. That means that you can write for nine hours and still have enough juice to stream a movie on Netflix.

With this computer, you also get a fantastic keyboard that makes typing for hours feel like a total breeze. It even comes with a 1080p HD webcam so you can present your best self when you video chat with your clients and peers.

While there are some handy features that Microsoft sacrificed in order to bring the price down, this is still a fantastic computer for writers on a budget.

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad S145

With the new S145 model, the Lenovo IdeaPad was given a big upgrade this year. This computer now sports 8GB of incredibly fast DDR4 RAM, an extremely comfortable keyboard, and one full TB of storage.

Lenovo has a reputation for making lightweight laptops that are still high quality. And the Ideapad is no exception. This series of laptops has always been among Lenovo’s most value-driven devices, making them a great choice for any writer who is on a tight budget.

What also makes Lenovo so great is that they’re always having big deals and promotions. When you compare them to their competitors, Lenovo is always pricing them out.

This model also comes with four hours of battery life and a 3.0GHz AMD Quad Core processor.

Even with all of these features, the Ideapad only weighs a little more than four pounds and is 0.8in thick. So you’ll barely feel it when you’re carrying it around in your backpack.

  1. HP Spectre x360

The latest HP Spectre x360 now has more features and is more powerful than it’s ever been before. Just when consumers thought HP’s premium line had peaked, they outdid themselves for 2020. This newest model comes with useful new features and helpful updates while continuing to support the features that users already know and love.

Sporting a new processor, the Intel Core i7 – which is an incredibly powerful chip – and the flashy new Iris Plus integrated graphics, this computer can contend with its bulkier and bigger peers when it comes to graphics cards. It’s also helped by its 16GB RAM.

With all that said, this computer comes with other updates that really utilize the best characteristics of both laptops and tablets. To begin with, this computer is gorgeous on the outside. It’s incredibly thin and light.

Now, the HP Spectre x360 also has a beautiful 4K touch display for the lower-end models. This gives the more casual users the chance to view the display in 4K at a much more affordable price than other computers.

With its cutting-edge features and design, this computer isn’t your everyday writing machine. It’s so much more than that.

The two-in-one design and touchscreen display also make this computer a great device for whatever your entertainment needs may be. So you can sit back and relax while you take a break in between your writing sessions.

Last but certainly not least, the fantastic keyboard will let you type up your content for hours on end without getting tired. It’s also helpful that this computer has all kinds of ports, so you can connect your various devices to it.

  1. Asus Chromebook Flip

The Asus Chromebook Flip weighs a meager 2.5 pounds and measures a little more than one foot. This laptop is portable and slim and offers all of the versatility that the two-in-one design allows. And this is all at an affordable price tag.

While the concept of a “Premium Chromebook” isn’t anything new, it’s the Asus Chromebook Flip that truly sets the gold standard for this term. This computer gives the users a type of performance that you might expect from the powerful Google Pixelbook but without costing you an arm and a leg.

Not only is this one of the best Chromebooks on the market, but it’s also one of the best Asus notebooks that you can get your hands on. And it’s absolutely perfect for any person who’s shopping on a budget.

And if you’re looking for a computer that really puts emphasis on the tablet aspects, then look no further. Asus has given this computer a useful magnetic clasp that’s able to pull the screen lid tight to the underside of the laptop. This helps the Flip feel more like a single solid device instead of a foldable machine.

When you don’t want to use the computer as a tablet, you can make use of its great keyboard. The keys on this keyboard are going to give you satisfying key travel that you won’t find in most thin notebooks.

And when it comes to the trackpad, it’s accurate and simple. Which is all a writer really needs in that area.

  1. Surface Laptop 2

When Microsoft came out with the Surface Laptop a few years ago, everyone was surprised by their first “traditional” laptop. It was seen as dull and uninspired. However, Microsoft corrected those issues with the Surface Laptop 2.

This new computer doesn’t necessarily spice things up a whole lot, but it is a powerful and pure Windows 10 computer that’s sure to impress consumers. Sometimes, you just want something simple and powerful, without all the bells and whistles that come with touchscreen devices.

And even though the Surface Laptop 2 actually has a touchscreen, it’s a laptop first and foremost. The keyboard is comfy and tactile and the screen has a great resolution and is an adequate size.

You’re also going to get plenty of power, even while you have a dozen tabs open while doing research.

  1. MacBook Pro (13in)

While it’s not the most powerful MacBook Pro on the market, it is the most portable one. That makes it a great traveling companion for writers who like to travel around the world or just to different coffee shops. This is especially important considering that MacBook Pros tend to have a reputation for being heavy and bulky.

While its 8th Gen Intel Core processor might be due for an upgrade soon, it still will provide plenty of power to anyone who is mainly using this computer to write. And the Intel Iris Plus graphics card will most definitely be able to help you with any light photo editing you might have to do.

Which of These Best Laptops for Writers on a Budget for 2020 Will You Get?

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now feel that you have a better understanding of what makes up the best laptops for writers on a budget. When you’re writing, you just want to focus on the words and not worry about a lagging or difficult computer. And any of the computers listed above will certainly help you do that.

Are you looking for other helpful tech articles like this one? If so, then make sure to check out the rest of our blog today for more!

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