How to Listen to Your Favorite Jams Offline

Traveling is one of the top reasons why knowing how to listen to music offline is so essential. Everyone has become used to being able to listen to whatever they want whenever they want, as long as there is internet or phone service. You might use an app or you might use YouTube.

There are several different ways to listen to music when online, but how will you listen to music offline when you have no cell service or data? Luckily, there are several solutions.

Don’t get caught off guard by no cell service. Keep your headphones handy and continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about listening to music offline.

Use an Mp3 App

There are apps that allow you to download YouTube mp3 files. These apps will actually take the music from YouTube and save it onto your phone as an mp3. You’ll then be able to listen to the music even in airplane mode.

To convert the audio from the YouTube videos into mp3s, you’ll open the app and paste the YouTube link into the search bar. Once the video starts playing, there will be some download options under it. You’ll need to switch the resource to “audio.”

Then, be sure to select the mp3 download option. You now have downloaded the music to listen to whenever and wherever!

Download From YouTube

Another way to download YouTube music is to download the audio files straight onto your phone. This can be done with the purchase of YouTube Premium. Once you pay for Premium, you can then download videos and audio files to your phone directly from YouTube.

Once you find the song you want, simply click the “download” button under the playing video. Another benefit of using YouTube Premium is you can listen to music without having the app on the screen. You also won’t have to worry about ads taking up all of your listening time.

It could be a great option for those who use YouTube often.

Use the Apple Music Library

If you own an iPhone, you can use the Apple Music Library to listen to music without service. You’ll need to open the Apple Music app and download the songs you want to listen to when offline. To do this, touch and hold the song you want to add to your library.

You can also do this with playlists, videos, and albums too! Once you add it to the library, click on the cloud with the arrow pointing down to download it to your phone. In order to download the music from the Music app into the library, you must allow music syncing.

You can do this in the “music” tab in your settings. You can even set it to download music each time you place them into your library.

Cache It in Streaming Apps

Some streaming apps will allow you to cache the music in the app. If you can cache the music, you can then listen to it offline. Check the streaming apps you currently have downloaded for caching options.

If these streaming app you use doesn’t allow you to cache the music, then be sure to check out other streaming-app options that will. Other music apps will have options for offline listening. For example, the iHeart Radio app has a setting that you can switch on to allow you to listen to music while offline.

If you have the right app download, then you should be able to listen offline without problems.

Listen on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members now have another reason why to keep their memberships. You can use the Amazon Prime Music app to listen to music online or offline. Using your Prime account, you can download the music you want onto your Android, iPhone, or even your Fire tablet.

Once you’ve downloaded the songs you want, you can find them in “My Music.” Go into your settings and switch the offline listening mode on. Another great benefit is that you can download as many songs as you’d like because there’s no limit.

Download on Google Play

If you have an Android, then Google Play should already be downloaded on your phone as a default app. Google Play also allows you to listen to music offline and is most likely already on your phone (for Android users)!

Google Play will allow you to download music onto your phone or even on your computer. Because the music is downloaded, you can listen to it when offline. To take it one step further, consider becoming a Google Play subscriber.

Once you become a subscriber, you can then download subscription tracks as well! To get started, download the Google Play app (if not already on your phone) and open it. After opening the app, tap on a playlist, or even an album you want to be downloaded.

You can then select “download” and you’re all set!

Listen to Music Anytime and Anywhere

Don’t let a bad signal or no service stop you from listening to your favorite tracks. You can now listen to music anytime and anywhere when following the tips listed above! Try out a few of these different options until you find the one that works best for you.

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