Share Your Story: 7 Instagram Story Filters for Fun Photographers

Over 1 billion Instagram users have tried the new augmented reality (AR) story filters.

Popular social media features offer brands an opportunity to reach new customers or better promote their products. The very best Instagram story filters even go viral.

Would you like to know more about the world of AR filters? Keep reading this article to find out how you can access these filters, the marketing benefits of using them, and seven fun examples to try now.

If you really want to be innovative, you can create your own to share with others!

How To Use Story Filters on Instagram

If you’re new to Instagram, the first thing you need to learn is how to use Instagram story filters. This is a newer feature.

Even if you have had an Instagram account for years but haven’t stayed active, you may not be clear on how to access these AR filters

It’s also important to note that there are different photo and video sizes. Instagram story dimensions are 1080×1920 pixels or an aspect ratio of 9:16. The traditional square dimension is 1080×1080 or 1:1.

Don’t look foolish by uploading the wrong dimensions. Click here now to learn more.

Once in the Instagram app, you’ll click on the camera icon on the top left-hand corner as if you were making a story. Once inside, you’ll be able to choose featured filters from Instagram or major brands like Disney.

Slide across all of the featured filters until you see “Browse Effects” with a magnifying glass icon.

This opens the updated Effect Gallery. From here, you can browse AR filters based on topics like “Selfies,” “Color & Light,” “Moods,” “Funny,” “Animals,” and more. You’ll have access to thousands of filters created by Instagram users.

You can click on a filter to see how it appears on a photo or video, and then if you like it select “Try It” in the bottom left-hand corner to get access. It’s that simple!

Marketing Benefits of Instagram Story Filters

The new Instagram filters aren’t just for having fun with your friends. For brands, they offer a fantastic opportunity to spread brand awareness and engage followers.

Many brands are creating their own AR filters to promote products or services in interesting and creative ways. This is especially true if your target demographic aligns with Instagram.

Instagram story filters are so popular right now that mastering them can help your brand boost your audience or increase sales.

Thousands of users are creating their own filters and sharing them on the platform. How can you create AR filters for your brand?

Facebook, which owns Instagram, launched the Spark AR platform to make it easy for anyone to make a custom filter. They also updated the Effect Gallery to give users more options.

Besides using this platform, brands can also hire graphic designers to create them in the Adobe Creative Suite or something comparable.

Now let’s take a look at some popular filters.

  1. Party Lights

You can literally be the life of the party anywhere you go. This popular Instagram story filter lets you shoot video with a layover of yellow, red, blue, green, and purple.

Add a little music over your video and you’ll make your friends jealous they missed your party.

  1. Silly Face

No matter where you are or who you’re with, there’s always time to be silly. Instagram’s Silly Face filter will enlarge your eyes and exaggerate the size of your cheeks.

You’ve probably seen a similar filter on Snapchat. It’s a great way to make your followers laugh at how silly you can be.

  1. Countdown Timer

Are you the type of person who loves a challenge? Use Instagram’s Countdown Timer to finally prove you can do 50 pushups in 30 seconds or hold a handstand for a full minute.

You can also use the Countdown Timer to mark a special event or remind your followers of something happening in your life.

Instagram users have already had access to a Countdown Sticker, but this newer one integrates directly in your source video.

  1. Fall Flurry

Ready to get in the fall spirit? Get your boots, sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and start shooting content using Instagram’s Fall Flurry story filter.

This filter gives you a smooth, cool look. It also features fall leaves blowing in the wind, perfect for a day picking apples or hiking on a crisp day.

  1. Red Sun

If red is your favorite color, then Red Sun is the Instagram story filter for you. It’s also a perfect choice for users starting to post about Halloween.

Red Sun transforms the world outside of your smartphone into all red with black shadows. You can use it to set a spooky mood or portray a science fiction vision.

  1. DigiDots

Pointillism is back! But this time you don’t have to paint thousands of small colored dots. Instagram’s DigiDots filter will transform your content into thousands of pixels.

You’ll get that sophisticated, edgy art look without having to use professional editing software.

  1. Comic Book

Comic books are more popular than ever thanks to all of the new movies and television shows being released. With Instagram, you have a chance to create comic book art without needing to learn how to draw.

The Comic Book story filter takes your content and turns it into an illustration. You can goof off with your friends or dress up as your favorite superhero for a photoshoot.

Want to be really creative? Shoot a bunch of content and make your own comic book panels on Instagram stories. Your followers will love it.

Start Using Instagram AR Filters

Now is a great time to start using Instagram story filters. Not only are they fun, but they help your brand to engage new users.

Instagram users enjoy interacting with brands and often use it to make purchasing decisions. These AR filters can help you get in front of an untapped audience.

Do you enjoy reading the latest technology news about social media, mobile devices, marketing software, and science trends? Technology changes fast. Check our blog to stay ahead of what’s happening across the world.

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