Keeping Your Classic Car in Top Quality

A classic car is an item that’s entirely different to own than any other car built in the last few decades. Because of the car’s age, it is important to make sure your vehicle has the right maintenance it needs to be in top quality condition.

Whether you have just purchased your first classic car or you have been collecting for years, there is a good reason why you bought it — so you must use love and care to protect its old school appeal.

Whether you have a classic mustang, corvette, or Cadillac, here is a few tips on how to keep your classic car in top quality for years to come.

Don’t Skip on Maintenance

Proper car maintenance is necessary, especially if the car you’re taking care of is a little older. A typical classic car upgrade requires regular inspections and upkeep like

  • keeping the oil, water, or other fluids in the engine filled
  • replacing windshield wiper blades
  • trying to use the same original parts as much as possible.

in order to keep the vehicle in as good condition as possible as it ages. Another way to maintain your classic car is to drive it around once or twice a month so the aging process slows down and any seals and rubber components don’t dry out and cause leaks. And of course, you should budget for any kind of repairs if necessary.

Store It Properly

Making sure you have a proper storing space for your classic car is essential to maintaining its vintage appearance. While it can be tempting to leave it out for the world to ooh and ah, it can be an easy target for thieves.

Proper storage spaces for your car should keep it safe from any extreme weather changes like storms, humidity, or lots of sunlight that can ruin paint jobs and cause rusting. Other factors to consider are whether the storage space is

  • secure
  • clean
  • well-ventilated
  • temperature-regulated

If you need to store it outside if you don’t have room, place a car cover over it. If you cannot store your antique car in your home, 10′ by 20′ units to store it can range from $100 to $350 on average, depending on the city you live in.

Cleanliness Is Best

Just like the modern car you own, a classic car also needs to be cleaned, not become a paint-chipped, rusty relic.

Weather, dirt, and dust can affect the way your classic car works in the interior and exterior. In the interior, go over any leather or air conditioning unit with a damp cloth. On the exterior, clean the undercarriage and make sure any chemicals are not damaging any parts.

One other tip for the exterior: preserve the older paint job by applying wax after every wash and dry.

Keep Old School in Style With Your Classic Car

A classic car is not just a nostalgia buy. It is an investment for people to enjoy looking at in the years ahead. They say cars today are not made like they used to, so with proper care, let your car shine as an example.

If you want more tips on how to take care of your automobiles, both old and new, check out our site to learn more.

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