3 Helpful Android Phone Hacks and Tricks

More than 2.5 billion people around the world are active users of an Android phone.

But with all of the money that people spend on their smartphones and smartphone accessories, they rarely take the time to learn more about the features their Android provides.

If people aren’t taking the time to read the user manuals that come with their Android device, they probably don’t realize that there are other things that their Android can do outside of download apps.

Ready to learn some Android phone hacks? Keep reading for the top 3 tricks your Android can do.

  1. Split-Screen Mode

If your Android is running Android 7.0 Nougat or later, you can use split-screen mode. This mode allows you to use two apps either side-by-side or by placing one app above the other.

To activate split-screen mode on Android 7.0-8.0, you will need to open both of the apps and then let them run in the background as you navigate to your home screen.

From there, you will need to press “Recent Apps”, then drag and release the first app when you see the “Drag here to use split-screen”. Next, choose the second app from the “Recent Apps” section so that it appears under the first app.

To activate split-screen on Android 9.0 or later, open the overview menu and select the first app you want to use.

Once you select the app inside of the overview menu, you will see an icon you can tap at the top of the overview card, from there, you can select to use the app in split-view. Next, select the second app you wish to add to the second portion of the split-screen. Find the app from your “Recent Apps” list, or from the home screen.

  1. Notification History and Notification Log

Lost or missed notifications happen all of the time, and Android has made a feature that will allow you to find your missed or mistakenly deleted notifications.

To use Notification Log you will first need to enable the developer options on your device. To enable the developer options, go to Settings> About Phone, and tap on the build number until you get a message saying that you are now a developer.

Once you get that confirmation message, tap and hold your finger on your phone’s home screen until you see the option to select a widget. Select the Settings shortcut and add it to one of your home screens.

From there, open up the Settings shortcut widget and choose the Notification log to view your notification history.

  1. Ad Blockers

Have you ever been playing your favorite gaming app, when all of a sudden you get a random ad for an international satellite TV installation?

Not to worry, if you do a quick search within the app store, you will see that there are tons of apps that promise to block ads.

If you do not wish to pay you can Google the best free Android ad blocker apps.

Okay, so if we are being honest this isn’t really a hack as it is just a very helpful reminder that there are ways to avoid those pesky ads!

Want More Android Phone Hacks?

These are just three of the many helpful Android phone hacks (or tips) out there.

Did you enjoy this article?

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