How to Choose the Best Smartphone Brand OS

Mobile technology became a worldwide phenomenon. In 2019, reports show that there over 5 billion people around the world who own a mobile device. In the US, 47% of smartphone users say they couldn’t live without their device.

Smartphones serve as a virtual personal assistant for everyday mobile users. With our phones, we can access a wide library of resources. Many big technology companies fight to provide the best service to their users.

Looking to buy a new phone from the best smartphone brand? In this article, we give you a guide for choosing a smartphone. Read on to discover which things to consider when looking for a new smartphone.

Determine the Features You Need

Each smartphone brand offers different services depending on the phone model. When looking for a new phone, list down the features you need the most. Decide whether you need a phone with a good camera, dual-sim, more storage, or others.

Choose the Right Price

Before looking for a new phone, set aside a budget for yourself. This allows you to narrow down your choices and see the most affordable phones for your price range. Android phones offer more price points than Apple iPhones.

Android phone companies offer decent phones at a lower price. Apple sells older iPhones on sale whenever they release a new iPhone model. Cheaper phones may give you a drop in camera quality, resolution, or speed.

Display and Build

Find a smartphone that fits your display needs. You may need a bigger screen and higher resolutions if you need your phone to perform heavy visual tasks. You may need a phone with a display of at least 5.5 inches to 6 inches with HD resolution for streaming videos and editing.

If you want sharp graphics, aim for 1080p or higher. OLED screens may offer better contrasts than a basic LED screen. Samsung and iPhone offer AMOLED screens, but it may be difficult to find budget phones with this display.

A phone with a display larger than 6 inches may be bulkier and heavier. Build refers to the durability of a phone and may come in either metal or plastic. Some phones have glass-coated panels.

If you’re prone to dropping your phone, opt for a plastic or metal phone. These phones can withstand drops from two to three feet. Glass-based handsets are more likely to shatter from a single drop.

Check the Specs

When you first walk into a smartphone store, the first thing to do is to check the specs. Hands-on experience can help you get a better grasp of the product you’re getting. If you’re not knowledgeable with specs, consider bringing a friend or family member who is better informed.

Breaking Down the Performance

There are two determining factors for a phone’s performance: the RAM and processor. When looking at Android models, aim for at least 4GB. RAM may not be as urgent in iPhones, thanks to their memory management system.

Newer processor models can offer more speed and efficiency. For iPhones, the A-series chipset holds the standard. For Android phones, the best processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.

Camera Quality and OS Compatibility

Consider your phone’s camera quality when choosing a smartphone. Good camera quality does not only depend on a high number of megapixels. Check for specifications like pixel size, ISO levels, camera aperture, and more.

Battery Life

Your phone battery is another essential thing to consider. Find a phone battery that can keep up with your daily activities. Your battery life may depend on your phone’s resolution, software, and screen size.


The user interface or smartphone OS is a key factor when choosing a new phone. A phone’s interface should be easy and simple to use. Android offers more customization options and built-in apps.

If you prefer a more uniform experience, check out the Apple iOS. The apps from the Apple App Store offer better quality compared to Android apps. You can find a vast library of accessories that you can download from the Apple App Store.

iPhone offers the latest operating system for new iPhones. The macOS Big Sur is Apple’s latest iOS update. You can check out some of the macOS11 Big Sur features here.

Both Android and Apple phones can support various apps and games. But both phones offer different user experiences. If you’re switching from one brand to another, prepare yourself for a steep learning curve.

Storage Options

Newer smartphone models come with enough built-in storage. Minimum storage of 32GB is ideal, but we recommend getting 64GB. Your storage depends on your needs like music and work documents.

If you need more storage, you can get a microSD card. A microSD allows you to expand your storage and a slot is generally available on Android models. MicroSD slots are not usually available on iPhones, so be mindful of your iPhone storage.

Security Features

Security is a crucial factor, especially for digital devices. Most of the world began migrating their lives to digital means. Many people store their personal information and other important documents on their devices.

When looking for the best smartphone brand for you, consider the phone’s security features. New smartphones offer special security features like face ID and fingerprint. These allow you to unlock not only your handset but also give access to specific apps, documents, or files.

Extra Features

Consider your phone’s audio and speaker quality. Speaker quality is crucial if you often use your smartphone for video conferences and streaming. If you prefer to use your phone for entertainment, look for a phone with front-facing speakers.

Most smartphone brands offer a micro-USB port and a type C port. Type C ports are the new standard for smartphones. Some phones converted their headphone jacks into Type-C ports.

Choose the Best Smartphone Brand Now

Looking to buy a new smartphone? Now you know some important tips when looking for the best smartphone brand. Consider these factors when choosing a new smartphone.

Of course, picking a brand, model, and OS is only the start. We invite you to read more of our guides today to discover how to get the most out of your mobile device.

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