7 Computer Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Your Most Frustrating Issues

Whether you work from home, play the latest games, or use the computer to surf the web, different computer problems can prevent you from accomplishing what you want to.

As more and more things become digital in response to global pandemics and quarantines, at best, technical problems can be annoying. At worst, they can be debilitating. So what can you do to resolve them?

Keep reading to learn about seven computer troubleshooting tips that’ll help you get things back under control.

  1. Scan for Viruses

Is your computer running slow? Are you experiencing pop-ups, advertisements, or anything else that feels off? If yes, malware may have infected your computer.

Different types of malware can do different things. Some will slow down your computer, while others will cause ads and pop-ups to open each time you click something. More extreme viruses can hold your valuable data for ransom.

Many Mac owners are under the misconception that Macs can’t get viruses. Although traditionally, hackers wrote most malware for Windows, that has changed in recent years. In fact, in 2020, Mac users faced more threats than PC users.

Regardless of which OS you use, make sure you take steps to protect yourself. Download a good anti-virus program and scan your hard drive if you think you have a virus.

  1. Eliminate Old Files and Applications

Every so often, your home needs a deep clean. Your computer requires the same type of maintenance.

If you’ve had your computer for a while, odds are that you’ve accumulated a number of files and applications. If you have too many things taking up space on your computer, this can cause slowdowns, as well as cause applications to crash.

Go through your files and see what you can eliminate. Try to find a balance between being sentimental and being harsh. Don’t delete the photos of your family gathering, but if you haven’t touched a file in six months, are you going to use it in the future?

After getting rid of unnecessary files, you should make an effort to prevent things from getting as out of hand as they were before. It’s easier to maintain a clean computer than it is to clean one.

  1. Keep Your Desktop Minimal

Some people have three folders on their Desktop, with all of their files placed inside. Others have 60 different files spread across their Desktop. Regardless of which type of person you are, you should understand the effect that having a messy Desktop can have on your computer.

Each icon you have on your Desktop requires your computer to spend processing power to display it. Although having several icons is fine, if you have too many, it may cause a dip in your computer speed. Try organizing things away into folders, and see if your computer then runs faster.

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, the problem may not be with your computer, but rather with your internet connection. An easy way to tell is to hop on to another connection and see if things run better. If they do, you’ll know there’s a problem somewhere along the line with your internet.

If you use a wireless connection, try plugging your computer into your router with an ethernet cable. Many times, that can speed it up. You can also try eliminating obstacles that may be blocking or interfering with the connection. If all else fails, consider switching internet providers.

  1. Search Around for Help

When computer issues affect you, it can seem like no one around you can help resolve them. Yet odds are, there are a number of users who have experienced what you’re going through.

Try exploring around on different online tech forums. You can also try googling what the problem is, and see if there are any suggestions or proven solutions. This can be a great, free way to resolve an issue.

In the work-from-home era, it’s essential that your computer has a reliable camera and microphone. Check out this guide on how to fix microphone not working Mac.

  1. Update Your Software

You know that annoying and constant notification that pop-ups, letting you know that a system update is ready to be installed? Next time, instead of closing the notification, consider finally getting around to installing the update.

Whether you use MacOS, Windows, or some other operating system, developers take strides to update and make your system better with each update. This includes performance enhancements, security updates, and new features that you can take advantage of.

If your computer is several updates behind, it may be causing slowdowns and other issues. Update your system, and see if the latest software version resolves the problem.

  1. Reinstall the OS

Sometimes, you can try a number of solutions to no avail. In that case, consider reinstalling your operating system and starting fresh. This can be an extreme solution to serious problems.

Understand that when you reinstall the operating system, you’ll lose all of your data and files if you haven’t backed them up. Use an external hard drive, a cloud-based storage system, or a third-party program to ensure that your files will be safe and sound once the reinstallation finishes.

A reinstallation brings your computer back to its factory default state. It should resolve some of the more tenacious problems.

Technical Difficulties? Try Following These Computer Troubleshooting Tips

When computer problems spring up, they can affect your productivity and work output. Yet by following this computer troubleshooting guide, you’ll have what you need to combat any computer issues that spring up in the future.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to resolve common computer problems? Let us know in a comment below!

If you found this article to be helpful, don’t forget to take a look at some of our other blog posts for more guides and tips.

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