Traveling With Mac- How To Keep Your System Safe & Performing

Whether you are a business traveler or a freelancer who loves to work on the go, it is an exciting prospect. Mac makes a great traveling companion because it has long battery life and runs seamlessly unless there’s a major issue. The best thing about these devices is that you can resolve several glitches on your own. Even if you aren’t able to troubleshoot issues, help is easily available at hand everywhere around the world. Still, there are some things that you need to be careful about when you travel with Mac. A few measures of caution can keep your system safe and performing throughout the trip. Let us list the ones you should implement before you get started with your trip.

Switch on “Find My Mac”

Losing your device can be the biggest concern for Mac users on the go. Thankfully, Apple brings Find My Mac feature, which works just like Find My iPhone and enables you to track down a lost or stolen device without much work. Turning on this feature lets you locate the device on iCloud and even see it on the map if it is connected to Wi-Fi. You can also request it to lock or erase the Mac completely if it is online. Ticking “Notify Me When Found” feature will give you a beep when the device next goes online.

Use password control

Another security measure that you must absolutely take while traveling with your Mac is to use passwords for controlling the user accounts. Although disabling automatic login and ensuring that all user accounts have passwords may take some time and effort, it is worthwhile.  Even if someone gets their hands on your machine, they wouldn’t be able to access it, so you can be pretty stress-free about the security of your Mac.

Clean and declutter

When it comes to getting maximum performance and efficiency with your Mac on the go and otherwise, always keeping it clean and decluttered is important. This isn’t something you have to struggle with because Clean My Mac has all the redundant files and apps eliminated in minutes. You will never have to deal with slow speed on the trip and back home, rather you can experience high-performance, productivity, and efficiency regardless of your location.

Check your sharing

Turning off File Sharing is equally important as you wouldn’t want to compromise with the security of the files and data in your system. Once you do it, you can rest assured that no one would be able to gain access to your files. When you need to share files, simply changing the permissions would let you do it. Even as you enable file sharing, only the authorized users will be able to access them.

Apart from managing the technical aspects, it is vital to get insurance cover for your Mac because these are expensive devices. Make sure that you note the machine’s serial number because you will need it if you happen to lose the device and file a claim.

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