iPhone 11 Troubleshooting: 7 Common Problems and How to Fix Them

The market price for iPhone 11 ranges from $999 to $1099.

iPhone 11 pro is one of the most valuable mobile devices in today’s market. It comes with exciting features; it is water-resistant and above all, it is user friendly.

If you have managed to buy one, you are probably enjoying it, although a few issues might often arise and kill the fun. However, these issues are common to all devices, and you can get rid of them quickly.

This guide discusses the main iPhone 11 troubleshooting tips. Most of these solutions are DIY, but you can involve an expert if the problem persists.

  1. Activation Problems

Don’t worry if you just bought a new iPhone 11 and you can’t activate it. You can try a few troubleshooting tips without necessarily seeking a third-party help.

But first, you will have to visit the Apple system startup page to check if the Apple system is working well or under maintenance.

Possible Solutions

If you notice a green dot on the right part of your iPhone 10, then the Apple system will be working well and you can continue with the activation process.

  • Activate your wireless carrier plan
  • Update your device to the latest iPhone version iOS 3
  • Restart your iPhone, then go to settings> general> about
  • Click okay if there is an activation update on your screen

Restart the device again to see if the activation has been successful. Take the device to an Apple store if the issue is still persistent.

  1. Volume/Audio Problems

You may sometimes experience audio problems when listening to music, talking via the phone or listening to audios. The audio problems may be signifying a problem with the speakers, although other issues could also affect the sound.

Possible Solutions

  • Remove the SIM card and take it back; the sound would be clear if the issue was caused by poor sim card placement.
  • Clean the microphone well to remove any specks of dust or obstacles which could be blocking the sound waves

The final solution will be to try the factory reset if the above steps fail. Note that the factory reset deletes all your data and you may have to back up the data before resetting.

If you have used the phone for a while, you may consider replacing the entire audio system.

  1. iPhone Won’t Turn On

Your device may fail to turn on due to many reasons. Maybe the battery has drained, the phone has a slight hit, or it has fallen in water. But if your device didn’t fall and the battery is full, then there could be an underlying issue with the device.

Possible Solutions

Here are possible remedies which you may apply to fix your phone:

  • Charge the battery
  • Confirm that the charging cable is working well
  • Carry out a factory reset

Sometimes, the phone needs a rest mainly if you have been using it for long. For this reason, you should clean up the device often to offload it. Don’t wait for the phone to turn off to take action; go now to SetApp and learn how clean it and maintain excellent condition.

  1. Overheating

Multiple iPhone 11 users complain of overheating problems. Some parts, mainly the battery, become too hot after charging or doing a hefty activity such as playing games.

Possible Solutions

Here are effective practices that you may try to cool the device. Don’t hesitate to take it to the nearest Apple store if the problem persists:

  • Switch off the phone for 30 minutes to allow it to cool off
  • Protect the device from the direct sunlight – you may use a case to cover it
  • Avoid the hefty games which cause overheating
  • Switch off the radio, wifi Bluetooth and switch on the airplane mode for one hour

Your iPhone should be cool when you switch it on. If it doesn’t, then seek the help of an expert to identify any underlying issue.

  1. Wifi Problems

Your iPhone has a problem if you can’t connect to wifi. If the issue in bot based on the router or environmental effects, follow these troubleshooting tips to restore your internet connectivity:

  • Go to settings and select wifi
  • Tap the “i” option to click forget the network
  • Your device will disconnect from the current internet you are using, and you can reset it again

You can restart the device if it does not respond to the above tactic. You may also take the phone to the nearest Apple store for advanced internet troubleshooting tips.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

You may encounter connectivity issues such as failure to connect or maintain the connection after a successful connection. Your device may also fail to pair, thus limiting you from full enjoyment of your devices.

Possible Solutions

If you encounter any of the above problems, here are troubleshooting techniques you should try before contacting the technical support.

  • Check the settings to ensure that the Bluetooth is activated. If it is inactive and you can’t enable it, restart the device and try again
  • Restart the Bluetooth accessory. Ensure that the device is fully charged as the connectivity problem can emanate from low power
  • Unlink the device if you had paired it previously and reconnect again

If your operating system is updated and the above steps won’t help, you can now contact Apple technical support to help you in resolving the problem.

  1. Wireless Charging Problem

There are various ways you can use to detect wireless charging problems. First, the iPhone may detect the Qi wireless charger but fail to charge. Also, the iPhone may fail to recognize the Qi wireless charger completely. And finally, the Qi wireless charger may fail to work.

Possible Solutions

Here are a few iPhone troubleshooting tips you can use to solve the charging problem.

  • Ensure that you are using the recommended Qi wireless charger
  • Make sure that the wireless charger is not defective
  • Ensure that your iPhone is appropriately positioned

If you don’t succeed after the above attempts, remove the casing or contact technical support.

iPhone 11 Troubleshooting: Fix Your Device Today

Follow the above iPhone 11 troubleshooting tips to keep your device in good condition. Also, protect it from liquids, and follow the Apple instructions regarding its usage. You will minimize most problems and enjoy your phone.

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