These Are Some of the Most Common iPhone Problems

Did you know that Apple sold over 40 million iPhones in just one quarter of 2019?

iPhones and Apple products are incredibly popular. If you have an iPhone you no doubt love their design and cool functionality such as Airdrop.

However, if you have been having iPhone problems, you are not alone. iPhones have common problems that cause regular complaints.

Would you like to know whether the problem you are experiencing is common to iPhone users? Why not check out our guide to common iPhone problems.

iPhone Charging Issues

While Apple products, in general, are well known for their hardware stability, charging issues are a reasonably common problem.

You may discover this when you plug in your phone and see that it is not charging. In a worst-case scenario, you find that after charging for some time your iPhone won’t turn on.

Instead of panicking, there are some simple solutions that may correct the issue. Start by cleaning the charging port using a damp cloth. Dust and other elements can cause the port to work inefficiently.

If there is some residual charge in the device, try force restarting the device to refresh it entirely and remove any software glitches.

If the above solutions do not work it may be time to take your device to an authorized repair shop.

Damaged Button

Inevitably over time, your usage of your iPhone will cause wear and tear. If this causes one of your physical buttons to become depressed and physically stuck then you may need to take fast action.

The button may be affecting functionality, either by preventing you from taking calls or accepting them. In this case, switch your phone to airplane mode so that incoming calls are sent to the answerphone.

If the damaged button is not causing you immediate problems, you could go to settings and select accessibility assistive touch. Activating assistive mode will allow you to control button settings from your homepage.

Poor Wi-Fi Connectivity

One of the most widely report iPhone problems is poor connectivity to WiFi. While this is a common problem, there are some things that you can do to improve matters.

When you experience poor connectivity, you can perform a hard restart of your iPhone. Hold the home and lock buttons simultaneously to do this. After this, your connectivity should improve.

If this does not work you could go to WiFi settings and change the HTTP proxy to automatic. This may also improve your WiFI experience.

Missing Updates

If you are in love with all things Apple, then you probably look forward to each iPhone Update to see what new features it will bring.

However, if your phone is capable of handling an iOS update but does not automatically receive it, then you may have a problem.

If you are sure that your iPhone can update to the latest version but for some reason has not, you may need to benefit from the restore option. After restoring your iPhone to factory settings, you should be immediately able to update your phone to the latest version of iOS.

Data Loss

If you find that you have lost data and are not able to restore it, you may find that your iCloud sync is not setup correctly.

Simply enter the installed iCloud application and set your phone to back up all important data on a regular basis. The process is simple and allows you to have peace of mind that you will not lose important data. In addition to this, when you need to reset your phone to factory settings your data will be preserved in the cloud for you to download.

Malfunctioning Camera

If you find that you cannot access or use your camera to its full functionality, you may need to adjust your hardware or software.

First, check the camera lens on your iPhone. Is anything blocking the lens, such as part of the casing or a protective film?

If the physical structure of your iPhone is ok, you may need to adjust the software settings. Navigate to Settings-general and turn on the camera.

If this does not solve your problem, you may need to take your iPhone to an authorized repair shop.

Battery Power Loss

Many people have complained about the short battery life of iPhones over the years. While Apple has worked to improve the life of batteries in Apple products, you likely still wish the charge lasted longer.

If you want to improve the battery life of your iPhone, the best option is to reduce the apps that are operating and taking power from your battery. You can especially save power by turning off apps that communicate via the internet.

Touchscreen Issues

Touchscreen issues can be one of the scariest problems you can experience with your Apple product. When your screen is active but seemingly permanently unresponsive, you may fear that the damage is permanent, or that worse it is the work of a virus. However, the problem is rarely this serious.

First, think back to what happened before you used your iPhone last. Did you drop it or did it suffer any heavy impact that could have separated elements of the screen?

If the answer is yes, you will need to take it to an authorized dealer for screen repair.

If not, the problem may be software related. You should try to force restart the iPhone. This generally corrects software issues.

If this does not work then an Apple repair shop will take care of the rest.

Identifying Common iPhone Problems and Much More

If you have been having iPhone problems, you are not alone. Thousands of people report issues with their Apple tech each year. However, hopefully, now you have some solutions and resources to be able to address them.

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