How to Beat Workplace Boredom

Doing the same job day in and day out can get stale every so often — but what do you do when it does? If you’re suffering from a bad case of workplace boredom, here are three easy ways to keep you motivated and inspired.

Listen to Music

Music has immense power to boost your mood, clear your mind and make your day better. If you can bring a pair of headphones, why not enjoy some of your favorite songs while you work? It’s easy to find a good work pace with your music, and the entertainment can help break everyday monotony. Podcasts, videos and even your favorite shows and movies are great alternatives if you’re not in the mood to jam.

Start Making Plans

If you’re working on a task that feels second nature, it probably leaves your mind under-stimulated. Put this time to good use and start planning for things to come — your next vacation, the novel you’ve always wanted to write, how to seek out that big promotion and any other matters you’ve been meaning to consider. Whenever you’ve got a spare moment, you can even jot down your ideas and set them aside for when you need them.

Be Proactive

When things are slow and dull on the job, be forward and ask your managers if there’s anything else that needs to get done. Offer to help out with other tasks, and consider asking if you can be cross-trained for other departments. Not only will you have something to keep you busy, but your managers will appreciate (and possibly reward) your proactive motivation!

Sometimes, breaking up the boredom of your workday just takes a small change. If you frequently struggle with workplace boredom, try jotting down some ideas on how to stay busy and engaged at work; keep this list on hand and consult it on days when you’re struggling to get through your shift.

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