7 Things You Can Do About Your iPhone Not Turning On

Over 1.5 billion iPhones have been sold since 2007. The fine technology and ease of use make iPhones desirable for people to own. Technology is not perfect though, so what do you do when you are having issues with your iPhone?

Read on to learn seven things you can do about your iPhone not turning on.

  1. Check Charger and Lightning Cable

Your iPhone not turning on can be due to a simple thing like a charger malfunction. To know if your charger is the issue or not, try charging your phone with a different cable. You can also try charging someone else’s phone with your charger to see if it is the problem.

If someone else’s phone charges with your charger, then you know your phone is the problem. However, some iPhones charge when connected to a laptop and not a wall charger.

Before writing off your charger as the issue, try hooking it up to a computer. If you normally use a wall charger, a USB port may be your solution and vis versa.

  1. Check the Display

An iPhone not turning on could just be the display not working. A display problem is noticeable if the iPhone is charging but not turning on. To check if this is the case, plug your phone into a computer and open the iTunes app.

If iTunes recognizes your phone, you should back up everything right away. This is a safety net in case there is a serious problem. It could be your last chance to save your data.

iTunes recognizing your phone is a sign that your display may need repairing. Your iPhone making any odd noises could also indicate this. Don’t lose hope if your screen has gone completely black.

If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, try initiating a hard reset while connected to a computer. iTunes may show an error message telling you what to do to fix the issue.

If these steps don’t work, your data may be lost unless it is backed up on iCloud. You can try reaching out to a data recovery company if it is that important to you. However, you may be spending a hefty amount.

  1. Check for Damages

iPhones are tough when they are dropped. However, dropping your phone could lead to issues with it down the line. Check for physical damages to try to understand why your iPhone is not turning on.

You should also check for liquid damages. Drops and spills could be the reason your iPhone won’t turn on.

Water damage can be especially unpredictable. Keep in mind that a spill may not cause damage right away. Even if you haven’t had liquid damages the day your phone stops working, does not mean it isn’t the reason.

An iPhone that will not turn on or charge could be due to liquid getting inside the charging port. Inspect your iPhone thoroughly for these damages. Minimal issues could allow you to replace the phone with the warranty.

  1. Restart Your iPhone

If you can, try to restart your iPhone. Sometimes all it needs is a hard restart to begin working correctly again.

Your iPhone not turning on could just be due to a software glitch. This will prevent the phone from turning on in the normal way.

Restarting your iPhone will vary by model. For newer versions, a hard restart can be made by holding down the power button and volume button at the same time. Give it a few minutes and then try to turn it on again.

If the phone successfully turns on, the problem is solved more than likely. This can happen occasionally without an underlying issue.

If the issue continues to happen, there is an issue you need to figure out. It could be from a sketchy app or another bug. In this case, you probably need to restore your iPhone completely.

  1. Troubleshoot

If a hard reset won’t fix the problem, you may have a hardware issue. A hardware issue can include a lot of things like water damage, drop damage, or component failure.

Troubleshooting involves trying to hook it up to iTunes. If you have already tried this and it did not work, your phone may be beyond saving. Manufacturing defects are rare but can occur.

  1. Restore to Factory Settings

If you have tried everything, you might have to restore your phone to factory settings. This can only be done if you can connect to iTunes.

If iTunes recognizes your phone, you will be able to back it up and restore it completely. This doesn’t always work, but it is worth a shot.

  1. Contact Apple Support

If all else fails, you should contact Apple support. A technician will be able to find the right answer to, “why is my iPhone not turning on?”

Apple will be able to tell you if your iPhone is still under warranty. The best-case scenario if the above options don’t work is to be under warranty and get a new phone without cost. They also may have the right skills and knowledge to fix the problem with your current phone.

iPhone Not Turning On, Oh No!

Your iPhone not turning on can be scary if you don’t know the reason behind it. If you take a deep breath and try these seven options, you could fix your phone with ease. If worse comes to worst, contact Apple Support or take your iPhone to your nearest Apple store for help.

Don’t let technology issues get you down. Keep coming back for more articles like this!

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