8 Convenient Android Apps That Will Make Your Life a Little Easier

There are millions of apps available for Android, more than you could ever investigate on your own. Fortunately, more than half of these apps have less than three ratings. The best apps have tons of ratings that all sing the praises of the app.

Read on to learn about some of the best Android apps and how they can make your life more convenient and productive!

  1. Setapp

Setapp is a fantastic combination of apps into a suite that you can try for free to experience for yourself. You can access your Mac from any distance as long as you have your phone with you.

That means you can combine all the functionality of a larger device like a laptop with all the convenience and portability of a phone that you almost always have with you!

You can visit https://setapp.com/apps/remote-mouse to learn all about it.

  1. DailyBurn

In the past, people spent years of their lives learning a million different workout programs. Then, these experts could teach and coach you for a hefty price. DailyBurn is an app that provides the expertise of fitness gurus with the convenience of your own home.

DailyBurn has a huge collection of training videos by experts. Whether you want to practice yoga, cardio, strength training, or more, you can enjoy expert instruction on exactly the workout you’re looking for.

You can find DailyBurn on the Android app store, and you can use it anywhere, anytime you get a few minutes!

  1. Pocket Yoga

Another of the best Android apps for getting in shape is Pocket Yoga. As its name suggests, it lasers in on just Yoga workouts and exercises. While DailyBurn is the ideal choice for those who want to explore every aspect and style of fitness, Pocket Yoga is the next step up for those who’ve decided to dedicate themselves to this beautiful discipline.

Pocket Yoga is your own personal guru and teacher. It is suitable for practitioners of every skill level. as such, don’t be surprised if many of the exercises are still beyond your abilities! Start wherever is comfortable, but challenging for you, and work your way up to total mastery!

Pocket Yoga is a free Android apps download, so anyone can enjoy its content.

  1. OpenTable

What these last few apps have done for exercise, OpenTable does for date planning. For some people, the extreme competition for the best tables at the best restaurants is the fiercest they’ll ever see. Even the best of us can find that there are simply no places available for our special night out.

All of that is over with OpenTable! Tens of thousands of restaurants are on this platform. You can search through all of them in no time flat, finding exactly the right place for you.

Whether you’re in the USA, Canada, or Mexico, OpenTable can guide you to the restaurant you’re looking for.

Best of all, you can make your reservation right on the phone! Say goodbye to calling the phone of hectic, busy restaurant workers, and say goodbye to all the stress of finding your perfect night out.

  1. Vallet’s Virtual Wallet

Vallet is a virtual wallet app that can eliminate your need for any wallet at all. You can virtually store your credit cards, personal ID, and business cards all right on your phone app.

Not only is Vallet more portable and convenient than a wallet, but it’s also more functional! Whereas a wallet can only store items in a few different ways, you can create any category you like on Vallet. You can also secure your virtual cards behind a password, something you could never do with a normal wallet!

The future of wallets has arrived, and the inconveniences of wallets are in the past!

  1. Find My iPhone

The phone is such a powerful and convenient tool that it’s slowly replacing everything else. Just like with the wallet, all of our old tools are slowly being transferred to one hyper-function toolbox: our phones.

The only problem with all of this convenience is that it creates a single point of failure. In the past, if you lost your wallet, it didn’t mean you also lost your phone, and all your other tools. But if you lose your phone, you can lose almost everything!

Find My iPhone is the solution. It is yet another way that phones are becoming more reliable and secure ways of transferring our tools.

With Find My iPhone, you can locate your lost phone on a map, wherever it is in your whole city! It can also send a message to your phone for anyone who might find it.

  1. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social media platform that is simultaneously less well known than the rest and far more useful. Instead of being a time-waster, Nextdoor can connect you to the people just within a few miles of you.

Lots of people on Nextdoor use it to ask for recommendations for business services. Your local businesses also post special deals there and can discuss their services with you. With this free app, you’ll often find better ways to find help from and connect with your neighbors.

  1. Rescuetime

Rescuetime is a solution to excessive convenience. It’s a sad fact that if entertainment is more convenient than work, or education, we’ll probably default to entertainment. In fact, we’ll even spend more time on entertainment than we really want to or think is good for us.

Rescuetime can track how much time you spend on your various apps and devices. If you’ve been neglecting your work or studies, Rescuetime can show you that. Or if you’ve been spending a little too much time on Android tv apps, Rescuetime can bring that fact right to the forefront of your attention.

Eliminate Stress and Wasting Time With the Best Android Apps

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful from this overview of some of the most useful Android apps. To learn more about marketing, money, business, and staying focused on your goals, check out our other pages!

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