How to Update Mac OS (And Why You Should Do It)

The Macintosh computer has been around since 1984. Up until today, Apple has released new improvements to the Mac OS. The latest version of the Mac operating system not only fixes your system but also heightens your experience.

Any Apple user should enjoy the benefits of updating their devices. You are no different.

Continue reading so you can learn more about how to update Mac OS.

What is macOS?

Your Mac operating system handles your apps, security, and design. It makes the interface easy-to-use with simple, intuitive gestures.

Your Mac OS is what brings your Finder, desktop, Spotlight, and notifications to life. It also makes it easier for your Mac to work with other Apple devices.

How to Update Mac OS

Before learning how to update Mac OS, prepare your files and computer. You should know if your Mac is eligible for an update. Below are some of the steps you need to take to upgrade the operating system:

Check the Requirements and Hardware

To see the specs of your Mac, go to the Apple menu on the top left. Select About This Mac. You can see your Mac’s manufacturing date, the version of the OS, and the RAM.

Older versions than those above mean your version is not compatible with Mac OS Catalina. Catalina needs 12.5GB of available storage to install and function. On top of that, you need at least 5GB to avoid a slow and laggy Mac.

Clean and Back-Up Your Mac

Before you update your Mac OS, you have to back-up your data. Use the built-in feature of Mac known as Time Machine. It keeps an image of your Mac file, images, and videos.

When you back-up your Mac, Time Machine will make a compressed version of your entire operating system. Go to your Apple Menu then choose System Preferences. Time Machine needs an external drive and you can select which to use in the preferences.

Click on Time Machine and choose which disk to save on by clicking Select Disk. Select the external drive and click on Use Disk. Once you’re done making a back-up, it’s best to clean all the files you no longer need.

CleanMyMac X and DiskDoctor are the best apps for cleaning. They scan your system for malware and clean unnecessary files. It also frees up your RAM and maintenance scripts.

Check Your Mac OS Update Manually

Head on over to your Apple menu and click on System Preferences. You can also choose About This Mac. With either option, go to Software Update.

In Software Update, you can see if you have the latest Mac OS version. An Update button will appear if you aren’t. You can also update the software at the App Store in your Updates.

Set Automatic OS Updates

On your Mac, click on the Apple menu then go to System Preferences. Go to Software Update and select Automatically keep my Mac up to date.

Click OK if you have finished choosing. We recommend checking all the boxes so you won’t have to worry about the macOS updates.

Benefits of Having Mac OS Catalina

Having the latest OS gives you more of everything you love about Mac. You can experience music, TV, and podcast in the new Mac apps. Apple now gives you Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcast.

You can also enjoy all your favorite iPad apps on your Mac. They can run alongside your existing apps so you can drag and drop content between them. The apps you use on your Mac every day now have a more beautiful and intelligent interface.

Your Mac will also have a feature where you can see your screen time. It monitors your usage, helps schedule downtime, and limits the time spent on your Mac.

Don’t worry too much about tampering, hacking, or your data getting stolen or lost. The security chip now encrypts all your stored data and provides secure authentication by Touch ID. The best Mac OS upgrade after all is security and privacy.

You get more out of mac with the new features and tools, so start downloading the latest Mac OS update.

Reasons to Update Mac OS

One of the main reasons why manufacturers give updates to their OS is patches. These are fixes in codes and security to protect your files. This is important as every 39 seconds, your data is at risk of getting hacked.

It’s best to upgrade the operating system of your Mac as soon as possible. Having older software can make your computer more vulnerable. Hackers can plant bugs and issues to worm their way into your system without you knowing.

Your mac OS is also vulnerable to viruses. Viruses can spread to other devices via email networks, USBs, flash drives, and removable hard drives. A prompt software upgrade can help you avoid this issue.

The antivirus software sends you alerts when it suspects that issues have arisen in your system. It also alerts you when you get dangerous files, emails, and attachments. You can save yourself from paying damages and explaining lost data.

Software updates also improve the functionality of your Mac. You’ll experience new or improved features making the interface better and easier to use.

Learn How to Update Mac OS

Now you know how to update Mac OS, so if your computer is ready for the upgrade, go for it! Get the latest updates for better security and more apps.

However, taking care of your Mac doesn’t end here. To discover even more amazing things you can do to optimize your experience with your Mac, read more of our tech guides and lists right here!

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