7 Essential Boating Tools You Need on the Water

In the US, the sale of boats totaled around $42 billion in 2019.

One thing’s for sure — the popular hobby of boating is on the rise, and it’s easy to see why.

Boating is a relaxing hobby that can be enjoyed with many friends and family, or in an era of social distancing. Its diverse potential and nature mean the hobby is likely to only keep growing.

Whether it’s for fishing, swimming, or just chilling out on the deck — there’s a way of boating that can appeal to everyone.

Whatever you’re doing on the boat, these boating tools are essential to keep you safe when out on the water.

1. A Life Vest

Even if you’re a strong swimmer with a lot of experience out in the water, it’s important to have a life vest on board. You could get injured, or one of your friends could be a much weaker swimmer than you.

Having a life vest eliminates the potential for a scenario, however unlikely, where you or a loved one might be pulled under the water.

2. Your Cell Phone

It might be appealing to go out on the water with no communication, no cell signal, no internet — just you and your boat.

Even if it’s turned off, you should keep your cell phone with you. You don’t know the kind of emergencies you’ll run into, or the help you might need.

You also have no idea what might happen back on land.

3. A Knife

Any manner of things can end up wrapped around your propeller and if you don’t have something to cut them free, you’ll be brought to a standstill.

Knives are versatile tools that should be kept around because they’ll easily cut through fishing line or seaweed that’s brought you to a halt.

Never go out without one.

4. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies may not be the first boating products you think of when packing necessities for a trip out on the water, but you should always make sure they’re around.

If you spill something, you want to make sure you can clean it up immediately. Otherwise, it’s more likely to stain or cause worse trouble later.

Boat bottom cleaning tools are a necessity you’ll thank yourself for later.

5. A Flashlight

If you’re experienced with boating, you might want to go boating at night. Your boat tool kit, in that case, should always include a flashlight.

Even if you’re boating during the day, it’s a good idea to bring one in case trouble happens in a dark corner of your boat.

Remember: anything can go wrong out on the water, and you should be prepared for every eventuality.

6. The Necessary Documentation

The documentation required for you and your boat varies by state.

Before going out on the water, ensure you know exactly what your state requires and make sure you have the necessary documentation to hand.

You might not expect to encounter authorities out on the water, but you never know what kind of trouble you might run into. Cover yourself.

7. Repair Items

You should have a boat trailer toolbox with as many repair items as it can fit, even the ones you might not think you need — but the essentials include:

  • Electrical tape
  • A screwdriver
  • A wrench

These things should at least see you steady enough to get back to land if any problems arise.

These Boating Tools Will Keep You Safe!

Some of these boating tools are essential for keeping yourself safe, and others are precautionary. Regardless, if you make sure you have all of these when you go out on the water, you’ll ensure your boating trip is smooth and successful!

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