What’s the Big Deal About Browsing Online Anonymously? The Advantages and Disadvantages

Have you ever felt like browsing online anonymously? You can do this in most browsers. Here’s how and why you might want to try.

Over 50% of organizations in the U.S. have fallen victim to cyber-attack. With such a high number of cases of insecurity, safe, and anonymous web browsing has become a hot topic. Data breaches, unclear private policies, rampant data collection, tracking, and more has left several people second-guessing their safety while online.

Browsing online anonymously has several advantages and some disadvantages too.

If you are concerned about your safety and privacy online, you may want to consider it because of the several benefits that it offers. Here are some tips for anonymous browsing and the pros and cons.

How to Browse Anonymously

There are several ways through which one can stay anonymous. If you don’t want anyone tracking you, here are some ways to help you stay private.

Download a Private Browser

Download a new browser that offers the features that your browser has plus the ability to use a proxy network with a switch in the toolbar. Such browsers use very private security settings that ensure that all third party cookies are automatically blocked.

Disable Unused Plug-ins and Java

Plug-ins are those downloadable, tiny programs that improve your browser’s capabilities. They are not your browsers’ extensions. While they might help you play your online games and more, they are also responsible for exposing details about your browser.

Browse Incognito

You can choose to turn off a search engine’s personalized search from your computer and browse incognito. Check out https://setapp.com/how-to/turn-on-incognito-mode-on-iphone-ipad-and-mac and know how to browse anonymously.

Block All Cookies

Flash cookies can track your movements while browsing, and this makes tracking you very easy. To stay safe, block all cookies and download a cleaner to clear all third party cookies.

Stop Sending Location Data

Almost all browsers have a feature that sends your location to the sites that you visit. This feature is meant to ensure that your search results are relevant and useful.

There are other sites and advertisers that can use that same information to send target ads and track you. Ensure you deny location requests and disable this feature entirely.

Block the Trackers

While opting out of tracking is a step towards not being tracked, there are some sites that might not honor your request to opt-out. To block such sites from tracking you, download an anti-tracker plug-in.

Use a Proxy or Tor

If you want to remain anonymous and untraceable, your best option would be to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It will mask your IP address and reassign you a new one. You will appear as though you are surfing from a different location.

For a deeper level of anonymity, consider going totally dark with TOR. The browser will distribute your internet traffic through TOR nodes, such that the website you visit can only view the current node’s IP address.

Use Digital Currency

Using your credit card online makes retaining your identity to the websites or profiles you visited quite easily. If you want to make an anonymous donation or buy stuff online and remain private, you can use digital currencies such as Zcash.

Advantages of Browsing Anonymously

For online users who care about their online privacy and safety, anonymous browsing is a must. Here are some of the benefits of staying incognito while browsing.

You Will Avoid Surveillance

The NSA keeps an eye on all internet activities worldwide. This is mainly for security purposes. If you anonymously access the internet, you will be able to hide from surveillance agencies, whether government or non-official.

Avoid Targeted Ads

Marketing companies and advertisers have a way of bombarding one with ads. If they figure out what you like, they will hit you with targeted advertisements whenever you go online.

Cut down on these ads by browsing anonymously.

You Will Browse With Privacy

When you mask your identity, you remain private. No one will know your online activities, and if you are using a VPN, you will also stay untraceable. This means that you can also speak your mind freely.

Be Protected From Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullies mostly target visible people. If you remain anonymous, you will be protecting yourself from bullies.

You can use a VPN service that also offers DDoS protection if you have been a victim of such an attack.

Access Foreign Content

Several countries restrict content on the internet. Some restrict news websites, streaming channels, gaming websites, or more. Browsing anonymously will help you gain access to the restricted sites since it will be quite challenging to know where you are browsing from.

Regular browsers mostly focus on convenience and user experience. However, anonymous browsers focus more on the privacy and security of the user. They are equipped with heavy security and privacy features that will ensure that you remain as secure and as private as you want.


As great as online anonymity might sound, it has some draw-backs. While it might be helpful to help you privately, it has the following disadvantages:

  • It may promote criminal activities
  • Teenagers can also gain access to some unauthorized sites
  • The ability to stay incognito can allow someone to make hateful comments or criticism without the fear of retribution
  • It promotes a double life

Staying anonymous online takes a lot of effort. However, you will find a perfect solution for you from service providers and tech giants. With that, you will be able to enjoy privacy and security every time you access the internet.

Enjoy Browsing Online Anonymously With These Tips

If a huge part of your life revolves around the internet, you may want to find a way to stay private, block those annoying ads, stay secure, and more. Browsing online anonymously will offer you all that. Though some methods are more extreme, you will find a solution that fits your needs.

Don’t stop your education here. Since technology is constantly evolving, you need to stay informed at all times. That’s why you need to check our other articles for more tech tips.

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