5 Different Ways You Can Download Video from the Internet

Is there an online video that you love so much that you need a personal digital copy of it? Do you want to learn how to download video content for future viewing or archiving? Are you having a hard time finding ways to download videos from an online site?

Thanks to the internet, 51% of Americans are learning new things from YouTube videos. It isn’t the only source of educational, informative, and helpful video content. There are tons of other sites where you can find videos like these.

In this guide, we’ll teach you five different ways to download video content from the internet. Keep reading to learn what they are.

  1. Use the Website’s Download Option

Some websites will allow you to download the content posted in them. This is the best and ideal download option because it’s quick and easy. However, one problem is that it’s rare to find websites that allow this.

A problem with sites that feature direct downloads is that they aren’t actual downloads. By that, we mean that these sites don’t let you get an actual digital file of the video you download.

People spend too much time online. YouTube understands this and features a way to view videos offline.

You won’t need any third-party software to watch your favorite videos offline. All you need to do is to open the video and tap on the “Add to Offline” button.

If you didn’t set a default resolution for offing viewing, the app will ask you with each video. You can view the offline videos in the saved videos page part under your account menu. Note that you can only access the saved videos via the YouTube app.

Netflix’s offline download feature is another good example. Netflix allows you to save certain movies or episodes of a series on your computer or phone. However, these videos have various viewing time limits.

  1. Hack Your Browser

What if you don’t have a Netflix account? What if the video clip that you want to download is from a lesser-known webpage? One of the methods you can use is to hack your browser.

First, you’ll need a Mozilla Firefox browser. Before doing anything, enter “about:config” on the navigation area at the top of the Firefox browser. Next, right-click an empty area and Click on “String” under “New”.

Name it “general.useragent.override” and input the agent code. Next, open the browser and the page where you can find the video you want to download. As a side note, this download video from link hack works for any website or video-streaming site.

Your goal here is to open the video link as if you’re on a mobile device from your desktop computer. Otherwise, if you can open the mobile browser video link from a computer browser, you’re all good.

Wait for ads to finish and let the first few seconds of the video play. Right-click the video and open Inspect Element. Expand <div id=”player”, <div id=”movie_player”, and <div class=”html5-video-container”. Look for the long URL that goes after src=“.

Double-click and then copy the full URL. Enter the text you copied in the navigation bar in a new tab. The video will open up with a Save Video As option when you right-click it. Click on “Save Video As” to download the video to your computer.

  1. Download Video Content With a Downloader Tool or Program

Not everyone has the time to “hack” their browsers. You may not have enough knowledge to hack your browser with confidence. In this case, you can use a video downloader tool instead.

These downloader tools include:

  • Video Downloader (Chrome extension)
  • WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
  • VideoProc
  • Y2Mate
  • YouTube Video Downloader

Paid solutions guarantee that you can download any video from the internet. Most of these paid solutions also give you a larger array of options on your download. For example, you can choose to extract audio only into an MP3 file in the original 320k quality.

Yet, you can always find free programs that can offer the same features. When it comes to programs for downloading online videos, there are plenty of free choices to pick from. The most popular video downloader programs are free ones.

  1. Go to an Online Video Download Website

Do you want to download video clips without having to download another program first? Use a downloader website to download videos from websites straight to your computer. Some of the best sites include:

  • YooDownload
  • Online Video Converter
  • ClipConverter
  • VideoGrabby
  • KeepVid

The sites we listed above are useful for videos that come from most sites, not only to YouTube clips. You can also use them to download from social media sites. Some will let you pick the format and size for the video you save.

Do you want to learn how to download videos from Facebook? Other websites such as social media platforms have a ton of video content that you may want to save. You can click the link to learn how to download Facebook videos.

  1. Record Your Screen

If you already have software like Cam Studio installed on your computer, use that instead. All you need to do is to hit record and then play the video. You won’t have to go to sites that may not be secure, or it’s full of unwanted pop-ups or ads.

Cam Studio records audio as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing the sound of the video. It records the videos into AVI files on automatic. This may be a disadvantage if you want to get the output file in a different format.

Another good screen-recording software is OBS or Open Broadcaster Software. It’s free and open-source. OBS also doubles as a live-streaming tool.

Enjoy Videos Offline

Despite the initiative that tech companies took to help their customers, most people still spend more time online. If your goal is to cut off your time online, disconnecting is the right move. Downloading videos can help you focus more on your e-learning or other similar tasks.

That’s it for our guide on how to download video content from websites. We hope these different methods to download video content help you out.

But why stop here when we cover all sorts of tech topics? If you want to see more content that can help you with your online accessibility, check our other guides right here!

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