10 iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks You Never Knew Existed

There are many ways to get the best out of your iPhone. Here are ten of the best iPhone 11 tips and tricks that you may not know.

If you have an iPhone 11, you may be wondering how to enhance your experience and get even more out of your device.

From productivity features to new hardware, the iPhone 11 brings a lot to the table. Here are the top 10 iPhone 11 tips and tricks you may not have known existed.

  1. Customize Your Control Center 

On the iPhone 11, if you swipe down from the right side, you will access the Control Center. This tool is excellent for swiftly connecting to wifi, changing brightness and volume, and other little tasks.

However, did you know that you can tweak with what applications or features are present in Control Center? To change it up, go to Settings > Control Center. In this setting, you should see a list of apps that you can add to the Control Center for easy access.

Say you have an Apple TV, you can access the Apple TV remote from Control Center. You can also add Screen Recording, Text Size options, and more for easy customization.

Control Center makes it easy to customize to best fit your needs. If you were unaware of this feature, it’s a great tip to know.

  1. Quickly Record Video

On the latest iPhone 11, the cameras got a considerable upgrade.

This upgrade includes video, where you can now seamlessly change between taking a photo and recording. To do this, launch the camera app, and long-press on the shutter button until a video begins recording.

When you let go of the iPhone’s shutter button, it will save the video to your gallery. Having the shutter button work as a recorder is an excellent way to capture videos quickly.

  1. Edit a Screenshot

If you want to quickly markup a screenshot without having to go into your gallery and edit from there, you can do so.

When you screenshot something, you will see a minimized version in the bottom left corner of your screen. From there, select that screenshot, and then it will automatically take you into “markup” mode, where you can edit the screenshot or add notes.

  1. Change Your Camera Settings for a Better Capture

On the iPhone 11, many features make the camera better than ever.

If the general settings on your camera don’t suffice, you can customize them in Settings. To do this, go to Settings > Camera. From there, you can select the quality of the video you want, if you want to enable the side button as a shutter, and other tweaks that can enhance your camera experience.

  1. Save Your Eyes: Tweak the Display and Use Dark Mode 

The introduction of Dark Mode came with iOS 13, and it allows you to completely change the look of your iPhone 11 while also preventing eye strain. To enable Dark Mode, go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Dark Mode. You can enable Dark Mode to only come on at night, or as a default setting to have on at all times.

In addition to Dark Mode, you can also have your wallpaper change throughout the day, and go into Dark Mode once nighttime rolls around. If you don’t want to use Dark Mode, there are also other display features that you can enable to help reduce eye strain.

For example, Night Shift is a great tool that decreases the amount of blue light that emits from your iPhone. With Night Shift enabled, it makes the screen warmer and more comfortable on the eyes. Night Shift is excellent for those who get headaches or other sensitivity to screens.

  1. Streamline Your Photos 

If you want to organize your photos better, or just know the different features that the photos app can present, then this tip is for you.

First off, if you have ever deleted photos from your iPhone by accident, check your “recently deleted” folder within the Photos app. This will have your photos that are in the queue for deletion within 30 days.

If you’re looking to recover deleted photos iPhone users have other options too. Additionally, to recovering deleted photos, you can also make other photos private if you do not want anyone to see specific images or videos.

To secure your photos, go to your Photos app, select the images or videos you want to keep private, and then select “Share.” From there, there will be an option to choose “Hide,” which will keep your photos safe.

  1. Check Your Battery Usage 

If you feel like your iPhone 11’s battery is draining more than usual, there are ways to help remedy this issue without having to get a repair completed.

Additionally, if you have a new iPhone 11, the likelihood of your battery dying out is rare. However, certain apps can be contributing to this drain and cause you the inconvenience of having to stay close to a charger.

To check your battery, go to Settings > Battery. From here, you can see a graph of your Screen On and Screen Off time, in addition to what apps are using the most energy.

You can also check your Battery Health to make sure everything is good to go.

  1. Browse Safari on the Downlow 

Say you want to browse without any sort of cache, private browsing is the best way to stay secure.

To enable Private Browsing in Safari, first launch Safari, and then select the window icon. From there, select “Private,” and a new window will open. You can now browse discreetly, and Safari will not remember your data or search history.

  1. Swipe to Text

In a rush to respond? You can now swipe to text. This feature is excellent if you have to text one-handed or want to respond to a message quickly.

To do this, just launch the Messaging app and firmly swipe across the keys. If you mess up, autocorrect has got your back.

  1. Get Rid of Default Apps

Apple’s iPhones come with those pesky default apps. Instead of putting them into a folder, you can hide them.

To do this, simply go to Settings > General > Restrictions. From there, you can enable restrictions with a passcode. With that passcode, you can now remove the apps you want to hide.

The Best iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks

Well, there you have it!

With these 10 iPhone 11 tips and tricks, you will be an iPhone master in no time. These times are great for enhancing your iPhone 11 experience while giving you much more control and convenience on your device.

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