10 Best Apps for Your Mac in 2020

Whether you just want to freshen up your Mac, or you’ve just purchased a new one, you’ll want to install these 11 best Mac apps for 2020!

Did you know that more than 64% of Americans possess an Apple product?

Once you start using Mac, you’ll understand what the buzz is all about! Mac devices are some of the best Apple products with amazing apps, features, and programs that you’ll hardly get on another device.

You need to explore your Mac beyond the pre-installed apps. The Mac App Store has a list of useful tools that you can use for your personal and work life.

Whether you’re a first-time Mac user or need to freshen your device, you can have the best Mac apps for 2020.

Here are 10 of the best Mac apps for 2020.

  1. AppCleaner 

Your Mac needs regular cleaning to remove unwanted apps. This desktop maintenance is necessary as it will prevent your machine from getting sappy. The good thing about AppCleaner is that it’s free.

The AppCleaner helps to uninstall the software that you don’t use. It can also clear unnecessary files in your Mac’s directory. AppCleaner is considerably small, and you don’t have to worry about it being obstructive.

  1. Amphetamine 

Do you get frustrated when your Mac keeps getting into sleep mode when you’re in the middle of using it?

Touching the mouse or the screen now and then to keep the Mac on is tiring. Amphetamine is your ideal app for keeping your screen on.

Amphetamine is a free app that will ensure that the screen doesn’t dim until you finish certain tasks. It works for even the external displays. You can keep checking your system preference to change the disk shutdown settings, which will be pretty tedious!

  1. Google Drive Is Amongst the New Best Mac Apps for 2020

Google Drive for Mac is an upgraded version often referred to as Backup and Sync. Google Drive offers extra storage for your Mac. It has a folder that allows you to store your items on Google cloud.

If you’ve not embraced the Google Drive sync, you’re missing out on getting the best space for your Mac. Start by creating a Google Drive account. Download the app and enjoy unlimited storage.

  1. Alfred

With Alfred, using the default macOS tool won’t be necessary. Alfred is a Mac app that allows the creation of custom shortcuts to file folders and programs. It further enables the activation of system commands.

If you’ve been looking for a tool to help you execute web searches, find definitions, and calculate, Alfred, is your best deal. The app is free, but you’ll need to part with a fee to get the app’s full features.

  1. Bear

One of the 2020 Mac best apps for taking notes has to be the Bear.

While Evernote and Apple Notes apps also work fine, the aesthetic nature of the Bear app is mind-blowing. This app is well-designed, clean, and pleasant.

Bear doesn’t have distracting and unnecessary features. Instead, it has simple features such as an elegant layout, markdown support, and note pinning functionalities that you’ll need.

The cost of getting the premium version is nothing compared to the benefits you stand to enjoy using this app.

  1. Microsoft To-Do 

A recent survey showed that at least 26% of people take work at home. The inability to plan one’s task is the main cause of burnout and a lack of a work-life balance. If you have a Mac, you don’t have to be part of this statistic!

Microsoft To-Do app is a task management app that helps you to manage your day. You can create your to-do-list, shopping lists, reminders, and notes on your app. You’ll have a clearer day, and you might not even need an additional planner.

The best part about the Microsoft To-Do app is that you’ll have several emojis, color-coding, and themes to make your planning extra. Start your week well-prepared with a planner that has thrilling features.

If you’ve been looking for the best Mac apps for 2020 to help in planning, there you have it.

  1. Shift

Opening several tabs simultaneously can slow down your browser. If you need to sign in your social media, workflow, and media accounts, Shift can make it easier. With this app, you will only need to open one window for the day’s work tasks.

From Shift, you can open your Instagram, Gmail, Spotify, Slack, Facebook, and more. The basic app is free, but you’ll need to pay for an advanced tier unlock. The resultant benefits are worth the fee!

  1. Hazel

Hazel is one of Mac’s best organization app that you’ll find irresistible. It allows you to create rules in moving and sorting your downloads and files. As such, your file management will be flexible, allowing you to manage your items in a way you deem appropriate.

Hazel is the best app for organizing your home finances. The free option of the Hazel app might feel daunting, and getting a friendlier option that might cost you a few dollars will allow you better organization.

  1. Paprika Recipe Manager

If cooking delicious meals is your forte, you’ll love the Paprika Recipe Manager. The app has several organized recipes that will make your meal preparation less hectic. You can download different recipes in an easy-to-read format.

Downloading the Paprika Recipe Manager from the iOS app allows you to sync the recipes across your Mac devices. As such, you can get the ingredients you require from a store by checking the app on your iPhone.

  1. PDF Expert 

You’ll encounter PDF files once in a while. If you want an app that makes your PDF work easier, the PDF Expert is your to-go tool. You’ll be able to merge PDFs, fill in forms, sign files, annotate, and edit your document.

PDF Expert’s compatibility with Apple makes it easier to swap devices without risking the loss of work. The app will prove essential for your workflow.

The Best Mac Apps for 2020 Have Several Irresistible Features  

If you’re a Mac user, you have a range of apps at your disposal. Some are free, while others you need to purchase at reasonable prices. Whichever option you choose, these best Mac apps for 2020 will make your experience using your Apple device exceptional.

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