Problems With Apple: 8 Common MacBook Pro Issues You Might Run into

Is your laptop starting to freeze up? Is the startup screen blank? These are both common MacBook Pro issues you might run into.

Apple has always been known for its dedication to quality and its impressive designs but even the best will encounter obstacles.

MacBook Pro Issues can be a hassle to deal with given the specialized technology that Apple is also known for but if you know what you are looking for and what to do, you can be an expert in your own home!

Take matters into your own hands and get those problems solved. Keep reading to learn how.

Solving Your MacBook Pro Issues

Fixes for the majority of the most common issues can be handled by three strategies; resetting the SMC (System Management Chip), resetting the NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory, known as PRAM in older Macs), and rebooting into Safe Mode.

The following will show you how to do each of these procedures:

Reset the SMC

The SMC controls functions such as the keyboard, fans, battery operation, and LED function. Often a quick reset is all that is needed.

  • Start with the power off
  • Hold the left option, left control, and right shift, as well as the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Release the buttons and wait for another 10 seconds. Power up as you normally would.

The SMC has been reset.

Reset the PRAM/NVRAM

NVRAM controls the configuration of the MacBook, date and time, the volume control, and other general configuration mechanics. If you have an older model it may be referred to as PRAM, they are the same thing.

  • Power off and wait for 10 seconds before starting
  • As you power on, hold command+option+p and r
  • Keep holding these keys until the start-up noise chimes again and then release them.

NVRAM has been reset.

Reset the system in Safe Mode

To boot into safe mode simply shut down your MacBook and restart the system while holding down the shift key until the login screen comes up. To enter back into a normal environment just restart as usual.

Using these strategies you can address almost all of the most common MacBook Pro problems!

  1. Overheating

Beyond physical blockage of the vents, the main other cause is the overuse of system resources. You can alleviate these problems by locating what applications are using a large number of CPU resources.

Activity Monitor can be found in your Utility area and will show you all applications running and how much CPU % they are each utilizing.

  1. My MacBook Keeps Freezing

There are a few reasons that this could be occurring. The first and most common is that the system is simply running more applications than it can handle. The others being system file error or corrupted files.

There are three steps that you should begin with to attempt to solve this problem:

Hold the option key and click each of the application icons on the dock. This forces the applications to close.

If this is a concern and your cursor is not responding as well, hold the escape + option + command keys and this will bring up the force quit menu. This will allow you to close any unresponsive application.

If either of these does not work you can simply force a power down with the power button.

  1. Fan Is Always Loud

You switch the MacBook on and immediately you ask, why is my MacBook pro fan so loud? This is, almost always, caused by a build-up of dust and debris. A simple clean up will address the problem and the noise. You can locate the vents along the back and against the LCD screen of your MacBook.

Be sure that nothing is causing a large blockage and then be sure to start clearing any larger pieces of dust. After any larger pieces of debris are cleared you can use canned air in short bursts.

You can also limit the noise and fan usage by limiting the applications you are running. By running a huge amount of applications at once you are forcing your computer to use a huge amount of system resources.

  1. Can’t Stop Playing With a Beach Ball

Just like the hourglass on a Windows-based system, the beach ball represents the system working on a particular task or a program running. If the ball keeps spinning the task is stuck.

Don’t worry! You can unstick it fairly easily with the activity monitor. Open that using the finder or through the setting’s app.

Once you have the activity monitor open you can see which application or applications are using a large number of system resources, these would be, more often than not, the culprit(s).

Force these to quit with the command+shift+escape menu and this should fix the problem!

  1. External Device Not Operating

The first step to try would be to make sure that the device is operating with other systems. If it working with other computers then the next step would be to confirm that it is compatible with your MacBook and the MacOS that is running.

If that is accurate as well you can move onto an NVRAM reset and an SMC reset. Once you perform this fix if it, unfortunately, still does not operate properly it may be the onboard port that is not functioning.

Plugin another device and see if that port works with it. If not, the onboard port itself may need repair and you should bring the computer in for a diagnosis.

  1. No Sound

This is another problem that could have a few different culprits. The first thing to check is your Bluetooth. An easy thing to miss is a forgotten pairing.

Sometimes a device will remain paired or accidentally pair when not intended. Your MacBook won’t always know the difference and will see this as the proper audio output. Double-check this and if needed, disconnect from the device.

Your system should revert to standard speaker output. You may need to address this multiple times if you run into other devices.

  1. Display Problems

The first check is to assure that there is no physical damage. After you have confirmed no crack or breaks move on. Check that there is no system update waiting as this will fix issues like this as well.

Perform an NVRAM reset and after restart into safe mode. If you start in safe mode and you are not having display errors this means that an unsigned or third party program is causing them.

You can troubleshoot this by disabling programs as you go until you determine which and remove it permanently.

  1. Battery Does Not Charge

If you have a model that has a removable battery, these are generally older models, make sure that there is no physical damage to the battery itself or the charger.

There are instances in which the charger and/or battery can overheat and need time to cool down before operating properly. Give your system a chance if you believe that it may have been running hot.

The last option before a servicing is needed is an SMC reset. If this does not set the charge straight it will need to be brought in to an apple center for servicing.

Solutions to All Your MacBook Pro Issues

With more and more reliance on technology, it is a stressful time if anything breaks. But if you keep these tips on hand your MacBook Pro issues will be no more than a minor inconvenience. You will be fixing them on your own in no time.

Save money by not having to worry about calling on the experts because you will be your service expert! Remember if you need more tech tips for the other gadgets in your life, come see what other content we have curated as well!

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