4K, PTZ & Varifocal Security Camera Features for Your Biz

Great customer service and organized businesses help deter theft, but the best way to prevent shoplifting lies in security camera systems. More than half of the respondents to the 2019 National Retail Security Survey are investing in technological resources to combat rising shrink rates.

The right technology, like security camera systems featuring 4K to PTZ to Varifocal security cameras, will make thieves think twice about stealing from your business. Let’s take a look at each camera type to see which is right for your company.


The 4K UltraHD security camera systems provide peace of mind for businesses who need high definition in a tight weatherproof package. Low-light conditions won’t stop the 4K camera systems; even on a gloomy day or in the dark of night, this camera delivers. The revolutionary Color Night Vision™ (CNV) technology continues to capture full-color video in less-than-optimal light conditions.

Minimize the risk of blurred objects, thanks to the picture-perfect eight megapixel video camera. In fact, the wired 4K is capable of recording a 4K pixel resolution of 3840 × 2160, so you can keep your background details, even as you zoom in on the subject. That’s at a resolution four times that of the typical HD 1080p camera resolution. Solid full metal housing handles an impact. It’s a great all-purpose loss prevention solution with a long range and simple start.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom)

Large areas, like entryways or hallways, in need of monitoring benefit from the PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) models. With rapid panning and tilt speeds, combined with continuous 360-degree rotation, PTZ cameras focus on different objects with ease. The optical zoom feature takes the PTZ model from indoors, with its ability to zoom in on faces, to outdoors with the ability to hone in on license plates in a parking lot. Even so, you will want to keep the PTZ in a sheltered location to protect it from the elements.

Use the preset viewing tours or customize your own with user-defined patterns. The PTZ camera systems are workhorses capable of replacing standard security cameras with just a single PTZ camera. Easy, out-of-the-box usage combined with standout features make the PTZ cameras an excellent option for businesses in need of consistent monitoring. Switch from the clear view of a person to a license plate or a suddenly bulky handbag in no time.

Varifocal Security Cameras

Keep your image quality — even as you zoom in — with varifocal security camera systems. Control the camera’s field of view and focus on the area you need without losing clarity. With a varifocal lens, you get to keep the details.

If it’s useful images you’re after, varifocal security camera systems offer up accurate and sharp image quality with its 4x optical zoom. You can dive into the most crowded areas and see what’s going on, with sleek, hands-off auto-focusing capability. If you need clear evidence or if a security team needs a way to cut through the clutter, a varifocal security camera can do just that. Consider a varifocal security camera system anywhere a detailed image is required.

Reduce the 5-Finger Discount

Shoplifters are the top source of shrink loss, and multiple security camera systems help reduce those rates. Businesses are sure to find the features of the 4K, PTZ and varifocal security camera systems a powerful part of any loss prevention plan.

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