3 Factors to Help Understand the Importance of Call Center Analytics

In order to serve customers’s ever-evolving needs in today’s global marketplace, it is vital that organizations monitor and measure the overall productivity and efficiency of call centers. Sometimes called a “contact center,” high-caliber call centers have become the driving force for success in a highly competitive market. The analytics obtained from your call center are often invaluable. McKinsey & Company shares that accurate and real-time analytics offer detailed performance information that can help you tighten your call center operations.

Core data and analytics tools are becoming the gold standard in call center software. Here are three factors to help you better understand the importance of call center analytics.

1. The Nuts and Bolts of Call Center Analytics

Call center analytics involve various tools that organizations can use via multiple channels to help improve and maintain peak performance with the collection of the following data for further analysis:

  • System outage
  • Customer complaint
  • Employees in need of core or additional training to better serve customers

The collection of such data alerts your management team, allowing them to take proper steps to correct issues as early as possible to avoid bigger problems.

2. Customer Effort Is Important

The main point of contact center analytics is that it helps your team provide the best customer service at all times. This area of call center analytics focuses on customer experience and features the following queries:

  • Is it difficult to contact your customer service agents?
  • How long do customers have to wait to speak to a call center agent?
  • Do customers drop calls out of frustration before reaching an agent?

Most of the time, customers would rather not need to reach out to your company at all, so you want to do your best to make it as easy as possible for them. By reviewing and analyzing your customer effort analytics, you can discover obstacles that you and your team can overcome with more effort and call center solutions. Just remember that, by reducing customer effort, you instantly increase satisfaction, allowing them to move on with their lives, satisfied with your product or service.

3. Employee Engagement Analytics

Your customer service agents are the face and voice of your organization when customers need care and assistance. Their voice is vital for answering questions and reassuring customers when issues arrive. It is important to know how well they do their job to provide the best service to your valued customers. Call center data and analytics on employee engagement with customers can help with:

  • Learning and understanding which employee scripts work most effectively
  • Training and onboarding new employees faster
  • Providing real-time unbiased feedback to help employees improve
  • Gaining insights regarding customer pain points and the value your business offers
  • Observing and understanding the best-performing employees to use their performance as a model to train other employees to follow suit

Call Center Analytics Offers a Full Spectrum of Invaluable Tools

Contact center analytics do not end with those listed here. Additional analytics tools that can help you include speech, text, predictive, self-service, desk top and cross channel analytics. Take the time to explore the wider world of call center analytics and how they can benefit your organization.

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