What Does a Cold Air Intake Do?

If you open your car to see what’s inside, a majority of people will be confused. While we know how to operate a car safely, but staring at all the metal equipment only ends in confusion.

But why worry about it? Any issue with the car can easily be sent to an expert who knows about cars, a mechanic, who finds and fixes the issue.

The problem with this is the complete dependability.

It’s not unheard of to be told there is more than one issue with your vehicle when there’s not. Or you may be paying more than you should for a service.

It’s no surprise most American drivers distrust bringing their car to the shop.

As many as 76% of mechanics recommend unneeded services resulting in over 60% of drivers having a negative experience. Mechanics who overcharge and rip-off customers for profit is a sad reality.

How about when you would like some type of customization done? Will tweaking certain parts of your car be crazy expensive?

You can take better control of the fees you pay for your car when fixing or customizing it when you better understand what the finer mechanisms are. For example, what does a cold air intake do and what does it look like? Do you have it? Can you add it?

You will see having this type of engine is a wonderful advancement for your car and it can save you money.

What Is Cold Air Intake?

While the exterior look of cars has changed dramatically over the years, the insides, for the most part, remain the same.

The original air intake system was made in the 1980s. It was composed of a cone-shaped gauze air filter along with molded plastic intake tubes. These plastic tubes have since then been upgraded and are now made with metal after years of technological advancement.

Some cars may already have this modified engine installed (primarily sports vehicles), but you can have it installed on cars that don’t too.

What Does a Cold Air Intake Do for My Car?

A cold air intake is essentially an incredible engine; and an inexpensive purchase at that. You will find that it can offer your car several benefits.

Other changes to a car’s engine may cost thousands of dollars, but getting a cold air engine will just cost a few hundred dollars. It is the perfect median-priced option for those that want to improve overall startup and use out of their car.

Installing it will allow your vehicle to “breathe” better. Think of it as the car’s version of a decongestant. It allows more oxygen inside the combustion chamber, resulting in more power.

It works by transporting air filter from the outer compartment into the inside for cool air to surround the engine. The filters it has move towards the upper wheel or fender which results in greater access to cool air.

Starting engines and driving take up a lot of energy and after a while, the engine will heat up. If it becomes too hot too often, you can damage the heart of the car. Having cool air circulating around the engine constantly will prevent the overproduction of heat generated from the car.

Cold Air Intake Advantages

The main advantage you will notice after installing this is a decrease in air temperature, but that’s not the only pro.

Cold air intakes also increase airflow by omitting the need to have a box around it. The tubes it is made out of are big in diameter and smooth so there is less bending. This stops air from bouncing around unnecessarily.

Since your engine stays cooler, your car will have better performance. This will reflect a 5-20% increase in horsepower. This will depend on your car’s configuration.

If you decide to get a new exhaust on top of that, it is increased even more. There is better performance because the cold air access allows for more efficient fuel burning

Gas mileage is improved as well due to the right amount of oxygen that is delivered to the car. Better gas mileage also means fewer times you have to make a trip to refill your gas. It is another way you are able to save more money long term.

Acceleration and responsiveness are also increased. With the car having more volume of cold air, it can reach intended speeds without any hiccups.

Summarized Benefits

If you decide having a cold air intake is for you, you can have it done at any point in time.

In short, the pros you will get having by installing a cold air intake system are:

  • Overheating Prevention
  • Offers Added Performance
  • Increased Horsepower and MPG
  • Better Acceleration

One thing you should keep in mind prior to installing it is knowing that if a cold air intake system is added on a new car, there is a potential risk it will null warranty on the original manufacturer’s engine. Look into whether it does or if it is important to you before installation.

Having a Car for Years to Come

Other than wanting a different car as a cosmetic upgrade, people tend to buy another car by force because their old one has stopped working. A car may cause troublesome, yet fixable issues from time to time.

However, when your engine is gone, there’s nothing you can do. It will cost more money to replace your engine or get a new car, and preventing something from happening in the first place is always better than fixing a problem.

If you want your car to be with you for as long as possible, you will have to take great care of it.

Extending the life of your car by providing it proper maintenance and ensuring your engine does not overheat are both excellent practices. If you use your car often, this makes it that much more important. So what does a cold air intake do? If you want to prevent your car from getting too hot inexpensively, it’s your answer.

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