Smart TV Accessories that are Worth to Buy

A smart TV can be your best friend. It will give you a company. You can spend quality time with your television. A smart TV performs all the smart activities that were till date restricted to your phone or laptop. If you have a smart TV, then you will never feel bored when alone at home. So why not enhance your experience by purchasing some accessories for your smart TV? Not only your smart TV will look opulent and lavish, but your TV viewing experience will also improve manifolds. So, next time you are planning to buy something for your household, try investing in a few things like  smart android TV box, internet connected TV accessories to gain better experience.

We have an elaborate guide for you so that you can make an informed and smart decision. Let’s have a look:

Blu-ray Player:

A 4K or UHD Blu-ray Player will give you the best picture quality ever. The pristine clear picture quality will enhance your TV viewing experience to a much greater extent. It is not necessary that you completely mess up your budget for buying a Blu-ray Player.  Many models are available nowadays that fits well in your budget.


  • It can sync and stream everything – games, apps, TV shows, etc.
  • It enables the user to play 1080p HD full resolution.


  • It can be a bit heavy on your pocket.


Your smart TV definitely looks sleek and glamorous. Maybe you are enjoying brilliant picture quality too. But if the sound quality of your smart TV is not that good, then it will ruin the entire set up. So if you want to improve and enhance the sound quality, then you can try investing in a high-quality soundbar.

It will contain a number of speakers in one long bar. This design produces a rich sound. You do not need a complicated setup. Some soundbars are there that have rear speakers too. Soundbars produce surround sounds.


  • It is extremely easy to install soundbars. You need not worry about the installation process.
  • It produces high-quality surround sounds.


  • Some soundbars can be too expensive.
  • If you prefer extreme perfection in your smart TV’s sound quality, then a soundbar will not be enough for you.

Universal remote:

If you want a hassle-free experience, then go for a universal remote. It will not control a mess in your living room. You need not use 3-4 remotes for controlling your smart TV. Just a universal remote will do. Some universal remotes have an LCD screen, enabling you to see what you are doing. Some universal remotes are also compatible with Google Home or Amazon Echo.


  • It makes your living room decluttered. There is no mess on the table. You need not carry 3-4 remote controls for different devices.
  • Universal remotes allow one-touch activities.
  • The closed cabinet control that comes with these universal remotes keeps them charged and within your reach.


  • Universal remotes cannot control all your devices. Even after purchasing a universal remote, you will have to use one or two more remotes.
  • Universal remotes can be quite expensive.

Streaming box or dongle:

If you want a third-party device for your TV to enjoy Netflix or YouTube, then you can use a good quality dongle or streaming box. Even if your smart TV has that feature, it is still better to use a streaming box in order to enhance your experience. There are several streaming devices with a wide variety of functions. You can purchase one according to your needs and requirements.


  • You will be able to watch your favorite TV shows and movies according to your schedule.
  • You need not program your DVR for recording any show.
  • There is absolutely no need to have any additional storage device.


  • Those people who do not have an online presence cannot use Streaming boxes the videos are available online only.
  • A streaming box requires a highly very stable internet connection.

These gadgets will definitely help you in enhancing your TV viewing experience. For more TV related information or gadget reviews feel free to check vletuknow. Not only will your TV look more appealing, but these gadgets will help you gain the maximum out of your smart TV.

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