7 Cool Things for Trucks to Customize Your Ride

It finally happened… after years and years of having your eyes on the dream truck that you’ve always wanted, you finally bought it.

Now you’ll be able to roll down the highways and country roads in that beautiful piece of machinery for years to come.

However, you’re not out of the woods just yet. There are several modifications that you can make to enhance your truck and make it the most unique one in your entire state.

They’ll set you apart and make everyone take a second glance as you pass by.

Here are several cool things for trucks that you can add to make that beauty even prettier and meaner on the roads.

1. Tires/Rims

One of the most well-known ways of enhancing your truck’s looks has got to be transforming the rims or the entire tire.

Whether you’re looking for a bigger set of tires to match the lift kit you’re installing or just want differently designed rims, there are plenty of options out there for you.

Be sure to consider a few details about tires before installing, however.

First off, tires with meaner-looking tread patterns will lower the miles that your truck gets to the gallon. While that shouldn’t be a huge concern, it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

The biggest thing to make sure of is that your tire isn’t so big it will be grinding with the body of your truck. That can be a one-way trip to disaster.

Instead, meet with a tire or truck expert to see what size they’d recommend. 17-inch wheels are always a safe pick.

2. Spray-On Bed Liner

This modification is more on the efficiency and security of your truck bed than providing an aesthetic enhancement.

Nevertheless, it’s vitally important to consider. Spray on bed liner helps keep the integrity of both your truck bed and your truck intact.

This helps protect it from things like rusting, harmful UV rays, and cuts to the metal that come with everyday use.

It also helps provide a non-slip service to ensure you’re safe when carrying things to or from the truck bed. Especially when the weather circumstances are less than ideal.

3. GPS System

Everyone has had at least one experience where using the GPS system on your smartphone didn’t pan out as well as one would expect.

Maybe it was giving you directions to the wrong place.

Perhaps the phone fell in-between the seat and the center console just as it was instructing you to make a turn.

Whatever the case may be, you now realize it’s less than ideal. That’s why inputting a GPS system is a great add-on to your interior.

It can be placed in a heads-up display format and even help you take things like accepting or ignoring calls.

4. Lift Kit

This truck modification is so popular that it’s mentioned in Florida-Georgia Line’s diamond award-winning song “Cruise”. How many modifications can claim that level of fame?

Still, it’s not often that you see a truck with a true lift kit on the roads today and when you do… it’s SICK!

You can do a modest leveling kit for less than $500 in most instances. You’ll still gain 1 to 3-inches of height by doing this, which is more than obvious to even the untrained eye.

Better yet, try getting your kit installed by the dealer so that your warranty will hold up. Be sure to make sure your warranty won’t be compromised by installing it.

5. LED Lights

Looking to give your car the sharp-looking white light that you see in most other modified trucks?

If so, you’ve got to get your hands on some LED lights. Not only do they look cooler, but they also give off far less heat, last longer, and are cheaper over time.

You may have never realized how many lights can be replaced with LEDs in your truck until now.

Places like the lights on your ceiling, in your doors, and interior reading lights all have LED replacement potential.

6. In-Seat Dog Harness

Everyone knows that the best way you can add to the look of your truck is by having a dog poking out the window of it.

The ladies absolutely love it and your trusty companion is always ready to help you with things like hunting, working, etc.

There are several in-seat dog harnesses that can help your pal sit comfortably and safely in the seat.

Now you don’t have to worry about Lucky jumping out the window when you reach a red light. Remember… it’s their truck too, now. Give them the protection they need with a badass harness.

7. Murder It Out

Is there anything better looking that a beast truck that’s been murdered-out by its owner?

That chrome on your truck is just asking to be blacked out. You can also tint the windows to give an all-encompassing blackout aesthetic to it.

One major tip is to not paint the chrome black, but use Plasti Dip instead. It’s much safer for the chrome’s integrity and acts as a protective, good-looking second layer.

Apply These Cool Things for Trucks Today!

Even with this least of cool things for trucks, it’s worth noting that these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more options out there for you.

Be sure to do a heavy amount of research on all your options for modifications before jumping on the first few that you find.

Check out all of our other articles that pertain to this topic and others that are just like it.

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