There are many lots of laptops to choose from if you want to buy one. Now if you are looking for laptops which denote femininity, pink laptops or either purple laptops are a good choice for you. They will really help you express your style and personality while doing your school work or even doing tasks for your boss. Your pink laptops or purple laptops will be very good with the following brand of laptops; in this way you will be able to achieve quality and style.

First are the MacBook laptops. These laptops have no rough edges and they are easy to use. Usually, they are characterized by a clean, classic look. They also come with a lighter weight which aids for easy portability with laptop bags or backpacks. Having a multi-function track pad, they make scrolling and navigating your desktop easy. Moreover, they come in bright, colorful display which brings pictures and images to life. Though quite expensive, most users say that it is all worth it.

Second are the HP Minis. The displays usually range from 8.9 "or 10.1" of display and have a weight lesser or equal to three pounds … These come in different colors such as white, blue, red, pink and black; there are also available patterns such as plaid, swirl, or floral design. You can choose from the available options. There is that new product of HP, the Mini 210 Vivienne Tam edition net book that features design of a fashion designer; this is primarily for the female customers who like to be in fashion.

Third are the Dell Minis. These have 10.1 "screen and it comes in different colors such as blue, pink, red, black, green, and purple to help you express yourself. Dell Minis weigh around three pounds which aids in portability. allowed to build your customized laptop so that its features and specs will be suited for your needs.

Fourth are the Acer's Aspire One net books. These are usually small, and are lighter than the Dell minis. It has battery life which last for five or more hours and it is of lower price than other net books; it comes in variety of colors, from the more traditional colors of black and gray to the trendy colors of blue, pink, and purple.